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Our Visual Commerce platform enables brands to integrate UGC across the shopping journey, increasing eCommerce sales by 15% on average.

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Collect from everywhere.

Automatically collect user generated photos and videos featuring your products via hashtags, tags, mentions and stories from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, enable your community or team to directly submit content. All photos and videos are then gathered into our management platform.

“For us as a brand, UGC is vital because of its authenticity. Photoslurp enables us to use it in the best possible way: we pay tribute to our customers by giving them a central place on our brand site, while at the same time these pictures increase the onsite conversion rate. For us, the use and advantages of Photoslurp have become a no-brainer”

Rudyard Bekker, CEO @ CLUSE Read case study

Manage content and make it shoppable.

Approve gathered content and automate media rights requests at the click of a button. Synchronize your product feed with our dashboard to easily make curated content shoppable on your website.

“The process since the beginning has been amazing. Since the first call and tour of the platform, it’s been super easy to configure it and track it – it’s super easy for us. These photos on our website are performing super well, above expectations. Plus, the integration gives a new feeling in the website – it’s completely different.”

Simão Figueiredo, E-Commerce & UX Strategy @ Salsa Read interview

Publish to your eCommerce store.

Seamlessly publish shoppable content into your home page, social gallery, product and category pages to create a more compelling shopping experience. Leverage your best performing content on additional on/offline marketing channels such as social ads, email marketing campaigns, mobile apps and in-store live displays.

“Photoslurp is for us a way to use the imperfections of User Generated Content to inspire our customers. There are not so many homes that are perfect as we sometimes show in our own images, but client’s home’s images are much more credible. And Photoslurp is the tool that is enabling us to boost sales and to help build the brand”

Victor Font, Managing Director @ Kave Home Watch video case study

Track and analyze content performance.

Monitor clicks, conversions and revenue from your shoppable content. Capitalize on the performance data of your top photos. Identify most active and best brand ambassadors from your online community with our advanced analytics suite.

“With Photoslurp we found exactly the platform we were looking for to increase conversion using social proof: an easy to use, flexible, data-driven platform that enables us optimize our digital and social strategy effectively.”

Antonin van Niel, Global Digital Manager @ Bell & Ross Read interview

Easily integrate Photoslurp within your eCom platform.

Use our native plugins for all major platforms, or get up and running immediately with a simple Javascript snippet that works everywhere. Once integrated, you no longer need to rely on your IT team as you will have full control of the design with our easy-to-use widget editor.

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