Track and analyze content performance.

Measure clicks, conversions and revenue from shoppable content to discover more about your best content and top brand evangelists.

Our advanced UGC dashboard.

Get comprehensive snapshots of how well your User Generated Content is performing through our analytics suite. With time frame analytics, compare the conversion and interaction rates of your relevant dates to understand the value of your customer content. We also consistently share analytics reports, which can be downloaded from our platform as PDFs to share amongst your team.

Track album and widget based conversions for more precise data.

How specific do our analytics get? Use our album and widget based conversions and sales analytics to understand the impact of your UGC strategy. You can even measure exact revenue driven by content, so there’ll be no doubts in how well your widgets are performing for your brand.

Discover your top performing content.

Attribute sales to specific content with our top content analytics. From conversion & interaction rates to actual revenue driven by each piece of content, you’ll have a clear understanding of what your customers like to see. Then, use this intel to improve your social ads by displaying the best content. All of this can be done with the click of a button directly through our platform.

Get to know your top evangelists.

Identify the users that post the highest performing content for your brand with our top evangelists analytics. With this data, you can establish more effective relationships with both influencers and normal users, who can then continue to create high-quality content featuring your products.

Antonin van Niel

Global Digital Manager

With Photoslurp we found exactly the platform we were looking for to increase conversion using social proof: an easy to use, flexible, data-driven platform that enables us optimize our digital and social strategy effectively.

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