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The importance of technology scaling in 2021

( 10 minutes )

When thinking about company strategy from a product point of view, most companies, including Photoslurp, focus on 3 main levers: Features: Enhancing existing features and developing new ones Growth: Improving acquisition, retention and monetisation Product market-fit expansion: Adapting the product to new markets and uses cases or creating complementary products However it is important to […]

Why 2021 is the year of social selling

( 13 minutes )

In 2021, business will be social. At least, that was one of the 11 digital marketing trends identified in TrendWatching and A/B testing tool and CXO company AB Tasty’s latest report.  Photoslurp has been ahead of the game when it comes to calling out the importance of User Generated Content  (UGC) and social shopping. With […]

All you need to know about User Generated Content Marketing

( 11 minutes )

All You Need to Know About User Generated Content Marketing You’ve probably heard about the value of customer content and the great efforts that brands go to in order to capitalise on it, but what exactly is User Generated Content Marketing and why is it so effective?  From building trust with customers to demonstrating social […]

10 things that online shoppers will demand from eCommerce in 2021

( 20 minutes )

Since the dawn of online shopping, the global eCommerce industry has seen sharp growth with each passing year, as more people turn to their computers, phones, and tablets to make purchases. This has only become more clear since the COVID-19 outbreak, which continues to affect the future of shopping in new ways every month. By […]

Havaianas highlights a legacy of strong customer relationships with User Generated Content

( 2 minutes )

Havaianas is a Brazilian shoe brand known for bringing rubber flip-flops into the mainstream. Since their start in 1962, this brand has worked to establish strong relationships with their international base of customers who have been devoted to the brand for decades. To highlight this strong connection within their eCommerce efforts, Havaianas has partnered with […]

Pourquoi utiliser une plateforme de Contenu Généré par les Utilisateurs (CGU) pour intégrer le contenu de vos clients dans votre stratégie e-commerce

( 26 minutes )

Votre marque encourage les clients à publier des photos et des vidéos de vos produits sur les réseaux sociaux par le biais d’un ou plusieurs hashtag(s). Il s’agit d’une stratégie payante qui pousse vos clients à s’associer davantage à votre marque sur Instagram ou sur Facebook, mais jusqu’à présent, ce contenu est resté uniquement sur […]

The Benefits of User Generated Content

( 14 minutes )

User Generated Content. Customer Content. Earned Content. Whatever you want to call it, you might’ve heard about this winning strategy for your eCommerce and the benefits of User Generated Content. Maybe you understand the basic definition – it is right there in the title – content generated by users. But what can User Generated Content […]

What’s next? An eCommerce guide to moving forward after COVID-19

( 10 minutes )

Over the last few weeks, countries around the world have slowly begun transitioning back into a more ‘normal’ way of life following the international COVID-19 quarantine. Although the public may feel more confident spending time outside, many changes that were incited during the stay-home period will begin to take permanent effect in our new normality.  […]

Trendy 2020 w sektorze e-commerce: Internetowe zwyczaje zakupowe na polskim rynku

( 7 minutes )

POBIERZ PEŁEN RAPORT  Zgodnie z danymi opublikowanymi przez MarketLine,  polski rynek jest prężnie rozwijającym się sektorem handlu elektronicznego, który odpowiada za 4.3% wartości europejskiej branży e-commerce.  W 2018 roku, sektor sprzedaży online wzrósł o 17.17% by osiągnąć wartość 12,634.4 milionów dolarów. Tymczasem oczekuje się, że do roku 2023, wzrośnie o kolejne 95%. Mając na uwadze […]

2020 eCommerce Trends: The online buying habits of the Polish market

( 7 minutes )

DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT According to MarketLine’s Polish Industry Profile from February 2020, the Polish market is a rapidly growing eCommerce sector that accounts for 4.3% of the European online retail sector value. In 2018, the Polish online retail sector grew by 17.17% to reach a value of $12,634.4 million, and it is projected to […]

Photoslurp and Multiply partner together to help brands inspire their eCommerce customers

( 3 minutes )

Photoslurp and Multiply recently announced their partnership, further helping brands to improve their online user experience and conversion rates. Photoslurp’s Visual Commerce platform enables brands to collect the content featuring their products that’s been generated by fans on social media and turn it into a social shopping experience to increase engagement and eCommerce revenue. Posting […]

Social Media aggregators: How to turn your website into an engaging social space

( 16 minutes )

A social media aggregator will help your brand pool the positive conversations about your brand into one place – so that you can use them to increase your online revenue or engagement.   Creating a presence online can be far more successful when you create an imaginative and interactive website for people to engage with your […]