Flowbox appoints new CEO

( 2 minutes )

Flowbox, the European SaaS company that helps companies reuse their customers’ social media content, today announces the appointment of Eulogi Bordas as CEO of the company. Eulogi comes from the position as Co-founder and CEO of Photoslurp, a company that merged with Flowbox on June 14th. The founder and previous CEO of Flowbox, Marcus Carloni, […]

Photoslurp merges with Flowbox – forms European giant

( 3 minutes )

Spanish SaaS company Photoslurp, which helps companies reuse their customers’ social media content, merges with Swedish peer Flowbox, and will be operating under the name Flowbox. Through the merger, Flowbox becomes the leading European player in its field, while also continuing to expand in South America. Flowbox was founded in 2016 and has developed a […]

La Maison du Canevas partners with Photoslurp to manage the content created by its online community and create a more interactive shopping experience

( 7 minutes )

La Maison du Canevas et de la Broderie, a mail-order company for creative hobbies and needlework, has partnered with Photoslurp – Europe’s leading User Generated Content platform. Read on to discover the ways in which UGC allows the company to connect artistic communities together and tap into the rich social media culture surrounding their niche. […]

La Maison du Canevas s’associe Ă  Photoslurp pour gĂ©rer le contenu de ses communautĂ©s et crĂ©er une expĂ©rience d’achat en ligne plus interactive

( 9 minutes )

La Maison du Canevas et de la Broderie, sociĂ©tĂ© de Vente par correspondance de loisirs crĂ©atifs et travaux d’aiguilles, s’est associĂ©e Ă  Photoslurp – leader europĂ©en de la gestion de Contenu GĂ©nĂ©rĂ© par les Utilisateurs. DĂ©couvrez dans cet article comment le CGU permet Ă  la marque de connecter les communautĂ©s de brodeurs entre elles et […]

What to look for in a high-quality eCommerce UGC integration

( 7 minutes )

There’s nothing that gets customers bouncing off your online store faster than slow load times, poor user experience, and lazy integrations from cheap widgets that ruin the infrastructure of your site. This is why choosing a User Generated Content platform that values the integrity of your website’s foundation is really important to a successful customer […]

Consumer Generated Marketing: How to boost consumer engagement

( 20 minutes )

Visuals are known to be one of the most impactful types of media on buyer behaviour. However, it’s not as simple as just slapping any image onto your eCommerce and hoping for the best. This is where you need to consider Consumer Generated Marketing, aka User Generated Content.  Visuals taken by professionals in a studio […]

How 3 consumer electronics brands are leveraging User Generated Content

( 12 minutes )

These days, the consumer electronics industry is buzzing with activity. With a great proportion of our lives dictated by technology, this industry has become very significant to our society. Consisting of electronic goods and any digital device under the sun, it is easy to imagine its popularity among our contemporary audience, especially since the global […]

Mastering Consumer Generated Content: A Comprehensive Guide

( 19 minutes )

Social media and the internet are where we spend most of our time – scrolling, clicking, liking, and commenting. Seeing as 95 million photos and videos are posted on Instagram alone per day, there is always something new for us to see. One large part of each of our social media feeds is taken up by […]

Everything you need to know about social media hubs

( 9 minutes )

A social media hub also referred to as a social hub, has the capability to collect images, videos, and information from various social networks and present them all in one place. So how can you leverage hubs to your advantage? Follow on for everything you need to know.  What is a social media hub? With […]

Social media stream: Better user engagement and trustworthy social proof

( 15 minutes )

The power of social media is undeniable in our current climate. When you have the possibility of reaching 3.6 billion users worldwide at the click of a button, mastering these platforms as a brand is vital for further exposure and to connect with your consumers. A really effective method to up your social presence is […]

Social media moderator: Maintain a healthy online presence

( 15 minutes )

As many people can agree, social media is one of those things that you can easily get swept away with. It is over-saturated with users, posts, hashtags and not to mention, other businesses trying to get their brand noticed.  A presence on digital channels is crucial to increasing brand awareness. However, with social media comes […]

Dazzle your online customers with discount releases using Photoslurp’s exciting new countdown feature

( 11 minutes )

Here at Photoslurp, we believe that keeping eCommerce ventures fresh and exciting is a crucial way to maintain customer engagement and encourage higher online conversion rates. And there’s no better way to do that than by connecting your marketing with seasonal promotions and campaigns. Time-specific visuals and promotions allow brands to capitalize on specific occasions […]

Photoslurp partners with Fisheye to provide more Magento users with a seamless User Generated Content solution

( 2 minutes )

Photoslurp and Fisheye recently announced their partnership, which is set to help more Magento-supported webshops launch successful User Generated Content strategies in order to increase conversions and engagement.  With the help of Photoslurp’s advanced UGC platform and Fisheye’s top eCommerce services: With this partnership launch, more brands – like window and door manufacturer Munster – […]

Digital marketing trends 2022: Read our content forecast

( 12 minutes )

The fast-paced digital world is always moving – content and social media trends rest for no man. It’s important to keep up with the changes, engage users in the right ways and keep your content fresh. So what are the key marketing trends for 2022? Read on for our comprehensive digital marketing forecast. QR Codes […]

5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Hashtag Aggregator Tool

( 10 minutes )

In our ever-growing digitally savvy world, the term hashtag is a part of our daily digital lingo. There is no doubt that they are a great tool for any social media user to increase their visibility and engagement on social media. However, for brands, a hashtag is the perfect way to help categorize posts, increase […]

Instagram feed on Shopify: Leveraging your eCommerce with an enticing social integration

( 16 minutes )

Instagram is an absolute jackpot for expanding your user base and providing them with exciting visual content, and Shopify is a highly useful website builder, specifically for online stores, which has allowed a vast number of businesses to start and develop their online stores. As the world is moving their lives onto the digital realm […]