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E-com weekly: Useful articles for eCommerce business owners

All week we surf the internet, searching for the best articles and news for your eCommerce, conversion, UGC and social media, and share it on our eCommerce Newsletter. Here are some of the articles that we found interesting and thought you would enjoy too.

European eCommerce Players Still Have Trouble Selling Abroad

Ecommerce Europe received 585 responses from online merchants with a presence in several European countries. Among these companies, 61 percent are already selling cross-border and 14 percent are in the planning stage of selling abroad.

Source: Ecommerce News Europe. 

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Ecommerce Conversion Optimization: Case Study

This is how Fake Crow helped Kuna boost their sales by 265% in 4 months.

Source: Fake Crow’s Journal.

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7 Principles Italian Fashion Brands Can Teach Us About Online Customer Loyalty

For a long time I didn’t truly understand the secret behind the success of the “Italian brand”. But then I started working with them and the shroud of mystery fell away. I’ve summed up for you what Italian fashion brands have taught me about customer loyalty.

Source: Antavo Loyalty Software

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9 Unbeatable Tactics For Launching A Product Using Social Media

Executing a successful product launch isn’t simple though. Combining it with social media marketing can be even tougher if you’re new to it. In this article, I’ve compiled nine unbeatable product launch tactics to help you attract social media users more easily.

Source: Get Response

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Product Page Layouts That Will Boost Your Sales With Up-selling & Cross-selling

When a user arrives at your site, you have less than 0.3 seconds to impress him. And while he’s impressed and decides to buy from you, the second challenge is to ensure he doesn’t abandon the cart and makes a successful purchase.

Source: LemonStand

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