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Ready for Holiday E-Commerce?

As always we have been keeping up with all the latest trends in eCommerce. We make it our job to stay on the pulse, so you don’t have to. This week, we will bring you an experts digest of all the most important articles and news in eCommerce, so you are always ahead of the curve. Enjoy!

Online Holiday Sales Projected To Reach $129B This Year, Up 12% Over 2016 

With seven weeks to go before Black Friday, online retailers are well into mapping their strategy for pulling as much of 2017’s holiday e-commerce spend as possible. 2/5 of consumers will spend more this holiday season than they did last year.

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Here Is the AdWords Method That Is Helping Ecommerce Business Achieve Growth

AdWords is a beast. Most ecommerce companies lose money on AdWords. The secret to success resides in taking a holistic campaign approach. Here’s the exact breakdown of how to implement this approach.

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The Future Of Ecommerce: Expert Insights From BigCommerce

What does the future of ecommerce look like? When you look at ecommerce statistics like how worldwide ecommerce sales are expected to reach over $4 trillion by 2020 and how the ecommerce industry continues to grow by 23% year-over-year, it’s hard not to get blown away by how ecommerce dominates the retail industry.

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Is Your Ecommerce Ready For Q4: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas?

According to WSJ in 2016 Ecommerce accounted for 25% of all consumer spending over three days through Black Friday. That’s a huge deal!  And you as an Ecommerce manager should be preparing for it weeks ago. Here’s how.

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