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The Ultimate List of E-Commerce Statistics

As always we have been keeping up with all the latest trends in eCommerce! We make it our job to stay on the pulse, so you don’t have to. We will bring you an experts digest of all the most important articles and news in eCommerce, so you are always ahead of the curve! Enjoy!

The Ultimate List Of E-Commerce Statistics (Update 2017) 

Where’s the e-commerce industry moving?
This article will give you 31 e-commerce statistics and help you better understand today’s consumers and their shopping habits, along with concrete takeaways and examples that will help you develop an effective marketing strategy.

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How To Minimize Cart Abandonment In Your Checkout Process 

A whopping 69,23% of E-Ccommerce shopping carts are abandoned. To put this into perspective, for every 100 customers who start the checkout process, 69 don’t finish. That’s a massive problem! So, why do so many shoppers fail to complete their purchases?

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SEO: Preparing For Google’s Mobile-First Index

Google is switching to a mobile-first index in 2018, wherein rankings for desktop and mobile devices will be based on a site’s mobile experience. Google’s “Mobile-Friendly Test” will identify if a site is mobile optimized and can, also, suggest performance improvements.

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5 Ways Retailers Can Leverage Data To Rethink Their E-Commerce Strategy 

Retailers need to understand customers and add value at every step of customer journey, not just drive them towards purchases. Their very survival depends on it…

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