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Ecom Weekly: How to manage eCommerce chargebacks, and more!

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Ecommerce and Chargebacks: How to Manage and Prepare to Scale

Scott Stone is the CMO at Chargeback, a company that builds softwares and train teams to eliminate the pains associated with chargebacks. So, we are going to trust him when he says that in 2016, ecommerce will lose $6.7 billion to fraud. Chargeback fraud and friendly fraud represent 71 percent of those losses. Scott states that many merchants are unaware or undereducated in regards to what chargebacks are, what they mean for business operations, and the opportunities they create for revenue recovery. If you want to get informed, read on.


What to Consider When Taking an Online Store Offline

You have a successful online store, you’ve probably given some thought to expanding offline. This is probably a good bet, but a totally different game. That’s why Nicole Kohler has a full list of what you should be thinking about before you grow your presence into the “real world.” From location to which products to sell online, read about it on Woo Commerce blog.


Inventory Management 101: The Short Guide for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Bill Widmer from ChannelApe helps eCommerce simplify processes by connecting all services. A problem he constantly sees with his clients is inventory management. At the beginning of the article he claims that “Inventory management is often the biggest headache of any ecommerce store. If you screw it up, it can cost you a lot of money. In fact, I worked as the marketing director for a million-dollar-a-year retailer (sales, not profits), and they lost $100,000 of their profits in one year simply from poor inventory management. Ouch.”

Back-to-School Shopping and eCommerce 2016

In the U.S., the back-to-school shopping season is becoming quite the shopping holiday, second in total retail spending only to the winter holidays, such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday. In 2015, digital shoppers spent over $56 billion online in preparation for the school year, a figure expected to increase to $65 billion this year. Read in this article from Jaz Frederick everything you need to know about it in 2016.


The 4 Fundamental Attributes of Customer Loyalty, Part 4

Engaging customers and generating loyalty takes these four things: automation (the right automation); proactive personalization; contextual interaction; and journey mapping. None of these is independent of the other three any more than peanut butter, jelly and bread can lead separate lives on a plate. This is the fourth post in a four-part series on modern approaches to improving customer loyalty through customer engagement by Denis Pombriant.


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