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Ecom Weekly: 3 Reasons Why Brand Marketing Needs To Go Visual

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Google will soon start punishing mobile sites that show hard-to-dismiss popups

Starting on January 10, 2017, Google will start punishing mobile pages that show intrusive interstitials when a user first opens a page and they will rank lower in its search results. According to the company’s own data, 85 percent of all pages it shows on its mobile search results pages are now mobile-friendly. So to declutter the results pages, it’s removing the label, even as it continues to use it as a ranking signal. What does this means? Frederic Lardinois explains it.


The Ultimate List Of E-Commerce Events To Follow

E-commerce is evolving faster every year and this leads to an increasing number of events organised worldwide. As there are so many wonderful, inspiring conferences and trade shows around the world right now, Prisync believed that a categorization by their months and countries, and specific subjects – if any – would make sense for all you e-commerce folks out there!

3 Reasons Why Brand Marketing Needs To Go Visual

All one has to do is look at Snapchat and see brands such as GE, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, ESPN and more to see how brands are capitalizing on the power of imagery – be it video or still. And according to the CMO Council many CMOs are fully aware of the need to “get visual” with 65% of those surveyed last year stating they believe visual assets (photos, video, illustrations and infographics) are core to how their brand story is communicated. Here’s three reasons why your brand needs to go visual, by Steve Olenski.


Learn How Experts Derive Insights from A/B Test Results

How would you derive valuable insights from the A/B test results? And more importantly, how would you incorporate those insights into subsequent tests? No matter how the overall result of your A/B test results turned out to be—positive, negative, or inconclusive—it is imperative to delve deeper and gather insights. Not only can this help you to aptly measure the success (or failure) of your A/B test, but also provide you with validations specific to your users.


What an Optimized Checkout UI Looks Like for Mobile Devices

With more consumers using their mobile devices to shop, having an optimized checkout user interface is extremely important for any eCommerce store.To keep those all-important conversions high and reduce shopping-cart abandonment as much as possible, extra attention has to be devoted to designing your app’s or mobile store’s checkout process. There are six particular areas you need to focus on to ensure an optimized checkout UI, read all about it in this article by Marc Schenker.


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