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Ecom Weekly: The Best eCommerce Articles of the Week

Welcome to our E-commerce newsletter: All week we surf the internet, searching for helpful, awesome content related to the world of E-commerce, conversion, UGC and social media. Here are some of the best articles that we found interesting and thought you would enjoy too.

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Smaller retailers need to get serious about mobile to keep up with omni-channel players

Paul Skeldon describes the situation very well, as he explains how small retailers need to keep an eye on mobile in order to be able to compete with large retailers. “As increasing numbers of people combine online research on mobile and desktop for products and services with calls and visits to a shop or branch. An omni-channel approach ensures that customers can make decisions and purchases via the retail channel that is most convenient for them.”


How to Find Your Ecommerce Subscription Niche

“When Unilever purchased Dollar Shave Club for $1 billion, interest in the already popular ecommerce subscription model spiked. Dollar Shave Club showed just how valuable subscribers are in retail”, says Armando Roggio in this article where he explains how you can find your subscription niche by answering three simple questions: What Problem Does Your Subscription Solve? How Much Competition Will You Face? and What Would You Buy?

What makes branded content shareable on social media? [APAC case studies]

Shares might not be sales, but they sure help with brand visibility which, ultimately, can end up in more conversion. In this article Jeff Rajeck analizes a few examples of branded content in Asia-Pacific (APAC) which were shared widely and research which may explain why the posts were successful.


The Case for Extreme Personalization

“Extreme personalization comes down to one simple reality: customers expect your company to know who they are — no matter what method or touchpoint they are using. Instore, online, through Facebook or on a phone, customers want to receive a consistent, high-quality experience from your brand -explains the author- The challenge is that to get to extreme personalization, marketers must have what they need to reach out directly to a real individual, rather than a general marketing persona”. Trust me, it’s worth the reading.


21 Killer Tools And Apps Specifically For Ecommerce Pros

To capture more leads, to send better and more effective emails, to generate more referrals, to be more productive, and must have Shopify apps. Here are 20+ apps and tools  recommends and use on a regular basis.


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