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Ecom Weekly: Curated eCommerce articles to help your business grow

All week we surf the internet, searching for helpful, awesome content related to the world of E-commerce, conversion, UGC and social media.

Here are some of the best articles that we found interesting and thought you would enjoy too.

Before I share the best E-commerce articles of the week, let me ask you something: What is the most difficult part of growing your eCommerce business? Reply in the comments section and share your thoughts and pain points with me, so I can share better content with you in the coming weeks.


An in-depth analysis of how Expedia converts visitors into customers: Part one

How do you get $5.73bn in revenue, nearly $400m in profit and a market cap of over $15bn? I can assure you it has a lot to do with CRO, and Expedia knows this very well. When you’re dealing with tens of millions of transactions every year, even a 0.2% bump in conversion rates can translate into millions in extra revenue. Duraid Shaihob does an in-depth teardown of Expedia.com and shows you how it converts traffic coming in from two different channels – organic search and direct type-ins.

How Any Small Business Can Compete with the Big Boys Using SEO and Social Media

For small businesses the competition is fierce, and it has become incredibly difficult to rise above the noise of the big brands that fill the market. Neil Patel has been able to help small businesses do exactly that—upset the sumo-wrestler-size businesses in their niche. In this article he eplaind how to do so using SEO and social media. It’s part of the glory of digital marketing. Anyone can compete. Anyone can succeed. You just have to know how.

How To Plan An Influencer Marketing Strategy

We have been writing about influencer marketing for a while now. This is the third and final part of Photoslurp’s Complete Guide for Influencer Marketing. In it, we’ll tell you how to develop your influencer marketing strategy after having selected and contacted the most suitable influencer for your brand. Sneak peak: the most important thing is to have it very clear what you want for your brand out of this campaign and how you plan to make this happen. In this way, you will be able to make concise proposals to the influencer when discussing the type of content that will be produced.

Tokenisation and the e-commerce experience

Tyson Hackwood, head of Braintree, Asia Pacific said tokenisation focuses on not getting in the way of customers securely checking out. The process involves replacing a card’s information with a 16-digit randomly generated number, and completely eliminates the need to bear the high costs of becoming compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to store credit card information onsite. Read more about it in this article from Zilla Efrat.

Ecommerce Success is More Often About Improving Existing Products and Services

Not only is it tricky trying to sell a non-market tested product or service, but the overhead often becomes unbearable. Not to mention, if a larger company gets wind of your fresh, new idea, they could squash you. The other option is to step on the shoulders of businesses and people before you, essentially taking previous ideas and strengthening them, or getting creative and taking advantage of a current network or marketplace. Read what Catalin Zorzini has to say about it in this article from eCommercePlatforms.com.


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