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Take your UGC integration even further with the Photoslurp Email Marketing Widget

Incorporate your User Generated assets directly into your email marketing without losing the stylish look of your gallery or carousel – all with the new Photoslurp Email Marketing Widget.

Here at Photoslurp, we pride ourselves in being at the top of the pack in developing technology that will best facilitate the UGC process. That’s why we continue to develop new widget placements that enable our client base to integrate their authentic customer content wherever they reach their audiences.

The Email Marketing Widget gives eCommerce brands the functionality to seamlessly include their collection of UGC within newsletters and email blasts – without losing the direct link back to products that makes Photoslurp such a useful product for online brands.

Imagine that a customer comes to your website and adds a product to their shopping cart that they later abandon. With our new technology, you can include images of other people wearing the same product within your shopping cart abandonment emails.

The value of this product is immense as we continue to provide our customers with the most comprehensive UGC platform on the market. Photoslurp is consistently developing new ways to help brands facilitate the UGC process, which is how our Email Marketing Widgets came into fruition. Keeping the best interest of our clients in mind, we continue to develop our services to provide Europe’s leading visual marketing platform.

Interested how the new widget works and how you could integrate it into your email marketing strategy?

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