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Influencer Marketing Course for Brands

Word of mouth is still king! When it comes to affecting people’s decision making, all the evidence suggests that we still trust our nearest and dearest above any other source.

However, nowadays there are people who have built themselves a reputation online, slowly earning the trust of other users, facilitating the growth of whole communities akin to their own family. These people have moved up a notch in the hierarchy of social networks, they have taken the step from being users to being Influencers.

For businesses, the appearance of Influencers on social media presents an opportunity to reach your audience through more organic and less intrusive means.

By associating themselves with the right influencers brands can piggy-back off the influencers reputation to amplify their message towards their target audience via a trusted channel. Now brands can reach thousands of customers on a personal level bringing them closer than ever before to their target audience.

About The Author

Eulogi Bordas

Eulogi Bordas is full time CEO of Photoslurp, and part-time food Influencer (@ebordasc). In this course, he has compiled the knowledge he has gained while working with eCommerce brands, studying the influencers landscape, and being an influencer himself over the last years.

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What will you find in Photoslurp’s Influencer Marketing Course?


Influencer Marketing strategy

The Influencer landscape is not always straightforward

Here we give an overview of what metrics and characteristics you should look for when trying to identify Influencers.

Frequently you will stumble upon people that have thousands of followers but weak content, and very little engagement.  Their follower count flatters to deceive because their followers, although numerous, don’t care about their content.  Crucially, these people will have very little influence on anyone.

In the course, we have included a spreadsheet to help you identify people with real influence.

When finding REAL influencers for YOUR brand, in our experience it’s best to combine the anecdotal evidence (what can you see and read) with a good understanding of the numbers.  We encourage an objective approach which ensures your candidates fit most of the criteria we outline in this course.

Think about age, personality type, areas of expertise and reach.  As if you were taking on a new employee – influencers need to be relevant.  They need to express themselves in the right way, take great photos, command their specialist topics, and have recognised contacts.

An influencer with these traits will be someone who concerns themselves with the content they publish above counting their number of ‘likes’ or ‘shares’. This type of influencer is an online professional who understands the system, and should work with the same dedication as you put into your own campaigns.


influencer marketing course


We cover all the latest approaches to engage with Influencers

By harnessing the power of multiple ‘micro-influencers’ to create a synchronised campaign, you can maximise your reach and minimise your risk of failure by putting all of your eggs into different baskets.

There are new platforms which act as middle men. They are the natural result of the exponential growth in demand for influencers. Their very existence demonstrates the importance of influencers and social media to the future of marketing.

The field of influencer marketing is no longer niche, and it’s only going to get bigger – so it’s best to get on board sooner rather than later!

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