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How Well Are You Using Instagram Analytics To Market Your Products On Instagram?

Let’s talk about Instagram analytics. Working for an eCommerce brand, you’re well aware of the importance of social media. You, along with 25 million other businesses, have your Instagram account set-up and ready to go to market to the 800 million active users who are out there, hungry for content.

But, as you quickly learn, there’s more to Instagram than just posting pictures. The second you begin strategizing, you’re hit with a wave of considerations to make – posting rate, captions, filters, hashtags, and more. How can you be sure that you’re reaching the right audience? And, if you are reaching the desired audience, how do you really know if your content is working?

“What gets measured, gets managed.” – Peter Drucker

Instagram, just like any other marketing channel, needs analytics to make sense. Marketing on Instagram without analyzing the data would be like writing a book with only half of the words. Readers are destined to spend their time maniacally flipping through pages looking for a cohesive narrative before discarding it and moving on to the next. And that just doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Instead, use your brand’s Instagram analytics right. Don’t waste your time staring at your data, hoping it turns into actionable strategy – make it happen for yourself!

If you’re using Instagram as a marketing channel, which I highly suggest that you do, then make sure you’re taking full advantage of Instagram analytics and everything you gain from tracking your data. In this blog post, we’ll go through what you should be measuring, then we’ll delve into the best tools to help you do it!

Let’s get started with the different data you should track when it comes to marketing your products on Instagram.

Instagram Analytics – What do I need to measure?


You can’t give the people what they want if you don’t know who those people are. Use Instagram analytics to learn everything you can about the people who follow your brand so you can find more of those people and market to them! Instagram Insights, the built-in analytics that come with an Instagram for business account, is great for demography. More on this to come!


There’s a reason why brands are so obsessed with engagement. Engagement rates tell you if people are interested in your products, image, message, and, ultimately, your brand as a whole. If they aren’t liking or commenting, then they are not as interested as they could be. So this is something that you absolutely need to track!

What content catches their eye? When are they most likely to ask you a question in the comments or even tag their friends? If you don’t know which activations are stirring interest, you can’t recreate them. So get a tool that helps you to understand your content and how well it’s performing. Then, create content that you know your followers want to engage with.

Instagram analytics

Hashtag Use

Are people using your hashtag? Do they identify with it? How do they use your hashtag and when? Where are they when they use your hashtag?

There are a million questions when it comes to hashtag use, which makes tracking this aspect of Instagram marketing one of the most important things that you’ll do. Here is where you truly begin to understand what inspires your customers to act in the name of your brand. If you understand this, then you can continue encouraging that side of them, which will only grow your base of active users.

Instagram analytics tools can help you track how many people post with your hashtag, how many people like the posts that are tagged with your hashtag, and even the number of unique users that post with your hashtag. With this information, you can really understand if your new hashtag is getting the interest that hashtags are made for!

Do you have a lot of customers posting on your hashtag?

Request a demo to see how your brand can integrate that social proof into various points within your online shopping journey

User Quality

Though this aspect of your performance can no longer be tracked and measured in the same way as before the deprecation of the Instagram API back in April 2018 (RIP), this is still an important consideration for your brand. Attracting customers who can help you reach more people with their large and actively engaged followerships is a worthwhile venture, i.e. influencer marketing.

Though we can no longer pull this kind of data on your entire followership, at the very least you can personally analyze the Instagram accounts of the influencers you hope to work with. For more information on influencer marketing, check this out.

Posting Rate, top performing content, and more

Though our studies have shown that posting frequently doesn’t negatively affect reach, posting rate is still something to consider. You can even use Instagram analytics to learn the best posting times to engage your audience or to hone in on the best daily number for your brand!

Great analytics tools will also give you insights into your top performing content, including user data, to get a better sense of why it’s performing so well. Use this content as your beacon of light, guiding you towards posting more content that will inspire likes and comments. This can also help you understand which products resonate with your customers, which will help you sell more in the future.

Finally, keep in mind that you can track your Instagram Stories, too! With all of the new ways to get your followers engaging with you on the Stories feature – questions, polls, and mentions – be sure you know what they like with Instagram analytics. I’ll delve into how you can track Instagram stories further along in the post!

Which brings me to…where can we find this quality, game-changing information? It’s time to talk about Instagram analytics tools.

Instagram Analytics – Using Instagram for business

Instagram analytics

A lot of the information that you’re looking for can be found right within Instagram – that is if you have an Instagram for business account. If you don’t, grab your phone immediately and make the switch! This is only an advantage to your brand, especially when it comes to the amazing Instagram analytics that come along with it.

These in-platform Instagram analytics kill it when it comes to demographical information. You can learn the top locations of your follower base, the age range, gender, and the average times/days that your followers are on Instagram.

It also gives you information into who is seeing your posts through engagement, reach, and impressions. But wait…what’s the difference between the three?

  • Impressions – The total number of times all your posts have been seen.
  • Reach – The number of unique accounts that have seen your posts
  • Engagement – The total number of likes, comments, and clicks your posts have gotten.

For more on the benefits of Instagram Insights and on having an Instagram for business account versus a normal account, read this. It’s an important distinction that your brand will suffer without, so do yourself a favor and go for the business account!

Though Instagram insights will take your far, you may be looking for more from your Instagram analytics. Here are a few more tool suggestions for getting the best analytics for your brand.

Instagram Analytics – Other amazing tools for analyzing your performance

Visual Marketing Index

Instagram analytics

The Visual Marketing Index (VMI) is a unique solution to measuring Instagram performance. This advanced analytics tool provides an overall IG performance score for your brand that is completely independent to its size on the platform. With 6 different metrics derived from Instagram, the tool generates a score between 0 and 10, which is developed using regression based modelling. This is what makes the VMI score different – it means that your report pinpoints exactly how your brand is performing relative to the whole array of other brands out there. 

The VMI will give you a more comprehensive understanding of how well your brand is performing in terms of engagement rate, hashtag power, and top performing content. The reports are easy to read and present you with insights you can actually use. 

This version of the VMI is completely free. All you need is your brand’s Instagram information, and you’ll receive your free report in your inbox within 24 hours.

Sprout Social

Instagram analytics

Sprout Social offers a robust Instagram analytics suite with post performance, trends in hashtag usage, audience engagement and competitor data. Where they stand out as a tool is with their focus on giving you digestible reports on all things Instagram.

Request an Instagram profile report, tag report, sent messages report or an Instagram competitors report – all in the same place. Their detailed and comprehensive Instagram analytics will help you activate your marketing strategy.

To learn more about finding and reaching your target audience on Instagram, check out Sprout Social’s effective blog post for targeting your demographic.


Instagram analytics

Iconosquare is well-known for its leading analytics and management suite for Instagram and Facebook. The features and insights provided by Iconosquare help you to grow a social-rich media strategy, interact effectively with your community, and measure your efforts with metrics.

One of the draws of this tool is its ability to track all interactions with your Instagram Stories – something that is fairly unique to this tool. Their detailed analytics, alongside those within the Instagram app, will give you everything you need to continue creating a memorable Instagram story (which we all know is only getting more and more prevalent).

Take a look at their amazing guide to analyzing Instagram Stories if you want to learn more about how to measure your Stories.

Instagram Analytics – Conclusion

There you have it – all the tools you need to successfully track your Instagram analytics! I hope by now you see the benefit of measuring your performance and how much it can help your brand on this crucial social marketing platform.

We can’t stress enough how much analyzing can help you reach your potential, especially in a crowded social space that’s constantly changing. Without analyzing, you may not realize that next month your followers are no longer interested in something they were dying for the month before. And don’t you want to be the brand that’s always keeping up with the latest trends?

Looking for more Instagram tips? Head to our complete guide to Instagram Marketing, where you’ll find everything you need to know about promoting your products on this crucial platform.