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Instagram Changes: A Timeline for eCommerce and Marketing Managers

With Instagram being one of the top five most used apps of all time, it’s no surprise that the creators are updating it often. The best part for you? Almost all of the Instagram changes are directed at businesses looking to get the most out of the platform.

With all these updates, however, it can be hard to keep up. Did you know that Instagram has implemented a few dozen major updates in the last year alone?

We were frustrated too. That’s why we’ve put together this list of all the Instagram changes since the beginning of 2016 and how they’ve impacted the eCommerce and marketing worlds.

We will be continually updating this list as Instagram changes more features. You can subscribe to this article and you’ll receive an email when we add a new Instagram update to this timeline.

If you’re looking to gain a better understanding of how Instagram has evolved over time, and how you can use it for marketing, you’ve come to the right place. You can read the full post below or navigate to the Instagram change of your interest by using the links.

Instagram Question Sticker and other Instagram Stories Updates (July 2018)

Oh Hello IGTV! (June 2018)

Sharing for Stories (May 2018)

Instagram API Updates (April 2018)

New Replay Privacy Function on Instagram (March 2018)

Instagram Shoppable Posts for All! (March 2018)

Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories (February 2018)

Instagram Adds GIF & Mention Stickers To Stories (January 2018)

Follow Hashtags on Instagram (December 2017)

Stories Highlights and Stories Archive (December 2017)

Instagram Adds Poll Stickers To Stories (October 2017)

Facebook brings the full-screen experiences “Canvas ad” format to Instagram Stories (September 2017)

Inspiring Engagement With New Creative Tools (September 2017)

Placement Optimization to run campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network (September 2017)

Instagram Stories can now be shared via Instagram Direct (September 2017)

Introducing Photo and Video Replies to Stories (July 2017)

Post directly from your desktop browser (June 2017)

Instagram filters out offensive comments and blocks spam (June 2017)

Add a link to Instagram Stories (June 2017)

Replay Live videos (June 2017)

Manage Instagram via Facebook Inbox (June 2017)

Upload multiple images & videos in 1 posts (March 2017)

Instagram Lead Ads (February 2017)

Instagram Story Ads (February 2017)

Instagram Stories… with Stickers! (December 2016)

Stay Top Of Mind With Instagram Bookmarks (December 2016)

Instagram Live (December 2016)

Instagram Ads (November 2016)

Explore Tab Update (October 2016)

Instagram Stories (August 2016)

Instagram Business Profiles (June 2016)

Instagram Changes API (June 2016)

Instagram’s Logo Redesign (May 2016)

Instagram Changes Maximum Video Length (March 2016)

Smarter Algorithm Feed (March 2016)

Switching Between Multiple Accounts (February 2016)


Instagram Question Sticker and other Instagram Stories Updates (July 2018)

Over the past few months, Instagram has loaded up Stories with a bunch of new features to make your Instagram presence that much more dynamic. Here’s a run-down of some of the new and exciting things you can do to captivate your Instagram audience and increase engagement.

Instagram Question Sticker

Instagram added a new sticker allowing users to ask a question and for their followers to provide answers.

Instagram changes

Once the poster receives their answers, they can choose to feature it on another post in their story! This is the perfect opportunity to give users a forum to ask you about your brand and for you to answer them. Plus, the excitement of seeing your answer up on your favorite brand’s feed never ends!

Emoji Slider Polls

Another great way to get your users interacting with your Instagram stories is the emoji slider polls. Similarly with the Question sticker, you pose a thought or idea to your followers who can then cast their vote by sliding the emoji left or right! This is another fun way to get customers thinking about what they’re seeing rather than tapping directly to the next Story.

Instagram changes


Share Music From Spotify

Give your Stories that last boost they really needed by including your brand’s soundtrack of the moment. By incorporating music directly from Spotify into Instagram stories, you’re able to give followers an even better idea of your brand image – meaning they’ll be more likely to identify with it.

To do this: go to the song you’re listening to in Spotify and click share. This will give you the option to share directly to Instagram Stories! It’s that easy.

Introducing IGTV (June 2018) – One of the biggest Instagram changes this year

IGTV is the latest from social media powerhouse, Instagram. It’s a brand new, stand-along app for watching long-form video from well-known Instagrammers. Of all the Instagram changes, this is quite possibility the biggest – who knows how this will change the way we Instagram??

Videos can be up to an hour long and, probably the biggest difference between IGTV and other platforms, all videos are shown vertically, to mirror the way we actually use our phones today.

Instagram changes
Via: https://instagram-press.com/blog/2018/06/20/welcome-to-igtv/

Content starts as soon as you open the app – it isn’t called TV for nothing – and you can easily swipe, switch, comment, and share. You can even upload your own IGTV videos because, in Instagram fashion, everyone’s a creator these days.

Sharing for stories (May 2018)

Now your brand won’t miss out on valuable User Generated Content shared via Instagram Stories!

When a user tags your brand in a story (@yourbrand), you’ll get a notification and have the capability to re-share that content to your own profile. Not only that, but you can resize it, tilt it, and get creative with the way you share with text tools.

This is a really big change for brands, as you can up your UGC strategy by sharing more and more content that your customers create. It’s the perfect way to keep the engagement flowing, and it’s simple!

Changes To Instagram’s API (April 2018)

Effective April 4th and without advance notice, Instagram implemented changes to their Application Programming Interface (API), effectively influencing all users of the Instagram API accessing data from the app.

Some companies have been affected by these changes, but the Photoslurp team is happy to report that our users can rest easy. Our platform was only lightly affected by the changes, and our tech team is working to update our technology to fit within the new API.

If there are any concerns about the changes, you can feel free to reach out to the team. We’re happy to talk through any questions you might have.

New Replay Privacy Function On Instagram (March 2018)

Instagram will allow a “keep in chat” privacy option when privately sending media over stories. Now the sender can choose between the private message we know, which can only be viewed a set number of times, or for the message to permanently exist as a thumbnail on the chat.

This is great news for brands who send out discount codes or exclusive offers privately to customers! Now your clients can access their promos when they need them, making the shopping journey that much easier.

Instagram Shoppable Posts for All! (March 2018)

Back in 2017, Instagram rolled out their shoppable posts to an exclusive group of brands – now with the capability to directly link products to images within the app. But now, this feature is out and available to all. Yay, we love when Instagram changes a feature to public!

Instagram changes

In a world where Instagram users can tap to see the products that they admire within a photo, brands can more naturally link social media with the shopping journey. Rather than users losing interest while looking for the products they like, they can instantly find them, driving more sales and engagement!

Instagram Changes to Stories – Carousel Ads (February 2018)

Big brands have been allowed exclusive access to new carousel ads for Instagram stories, but this will likely be released further in the future. Following the success of Facebook carousel ads, this feature allows brands to use 3 slides of different media between image and video.

The ads function as any piece of content shared on an Instagram story – with the ability to swipe forward, backward or pause.

Instagram Adds GIF & Mention Stickers To Stories (January 2018)

When you tap to add a sticker to a photo or video in stories, you’ll now see a new GIF option. Tap it to open a library full of hundreds of thousands of moving stickers powered by GIPHY. You can browse what’s currently trending on GIPHY or search their extensive collection to find a sticker for just about anything. From bouncing letters and twirling hearts to dancing cats and pizza in space, these animated stickers help you make any photo or video funny, interesting or creative. (Instagram)

Instagram changes

Source: Instagram

Another fun way to spice up your Instagram Stories is by adding mention stickers that tag other users directly into your post. It’s a fun way to give a shout-out and increase engagement!

Follow Hashtags on Instagram (December 2017)

Everyday, millions of people share photos and videos and tag them with relevant hashtags. To make these posts even more discoverable, Instagram is introducing hashtags you can follow.

How it works: “Following a hashtag is just like following a friend. To get started, search for a topic you’re interested in or tap on a hashtag from any post. You’ll see relevant hashtags displayed in your search results along with related accounts. When you find a hashtag you like, open the hashtag page and tap on the follow button. You’ll begin seeing top posts from that hashtag in your feed and some of the latest stories in your stories bar. You can always unfollow a hashtag at any time.”

instagram changes

Instagram Changes to Stories – Highlights and Archive (December 2017)

Stories Highlights is a new part of your profile where you can express more of who you are through stories you’ve shared. Here’s how Instagram explains it:

“Stories Highlights appear in a new section on your profile below your bio. To create a highlight, tap the “New” circle at the far left. From there, you can choose any stories from your archive, select a cover for your highlight and give it a name. Once you’re done, your highlight will appear as a circle on your profile that plays as a stand-alone story when someone taps it. Highlights stay on your profile until you remove them, and you can have as many highlights as you’d like. To edit or remove a highlight, just tap and hold that highlight on your profile.”

instagram changes

Moving forward, your stories will automatically save to your archive when they expire. This makes it easy for you to revisit your favorite moments later on or bring them back to life in a highlight.

Here’s how it works: “to access the stories in your archive, tap the Archive icon on your profile. From there, you can easily switch between your Posts Archive and your new Stories Archive. In your Stories Archive, your stories will appear in a grid with the most recent stories at the bottom. The first story from each day will show a date indicator to help you navigate your archive as you scroll.”

Instagram Adds An Interactive Poll Sticker To Stories (October 2017)

This is big! Ask your friends and followers a question, let them vote and see how many votes each option received.

instagram changes

Think about it… now, you can ask your followers what they think about the new package design or a new product that you consider offering. You can get insights into customers opinions, preferences, likes or dislikes by doing a small survey with the “poll” sticker. The new feature is super easy to use and the possibilities of customising the question and the poll choice are basically endless.

This is how it works:

“After you’ve taken a photo or video for your story, select the “poll” sticker and place it anywhere you’d like — you can write out your own question and even customise the poll choices. After you’ve shared your poll, your followers can immediately start voting and see real-time results. Once someone has voted on your poll, they’ll see which choice is in the lead at any given moment. And if they watch your story again later, they’ll see the latest results. To see your own poll results, swipe up to open the viewers list for that part of your story. There you’ll see everything you need to get the best answer for your question. Not only will you see how many votes each option received, but you’ll also see who voted and what option they chose.” Instagram-Blog

Your story, the pulls and its results will disappear after 24 hours, just like every other shared story on Instagram.

The polls feature is very engagement supportive and perfect for interaction with your followers. You can easily reach out to your audience, give them a voice and a chance of being considered at decision making. We are very excited and will start using the “poll” sticker immediately 😊.

Facebook brings the full-screen experiences “Canvas ad” format to Instagram Stories (September 2017) 

As 250M people around the world watch and create stories every day, Instagram Stories is becoming an increasingly powerful way for brands to stand out and inspire action. More than 50% of businesses having created a story in the last month.

Photoslurp Instagram Changes Timeline (Insta Storie News)

Facebooks full-screen experiences “Canvas ad” format is now available for Instagram Stories 

“Canvas enables you to shorten the distance between your message and the customer. It loads instantly, is mobile-optimised and is designed to capture the complete attention of your audience. With Facebook Canvas, people can watch engaging videos and photos, swipe through carousels, tilt to pan and engage all in a single advert. They won’t just view your story, they’ll become a part of it.” (Facebook-Business: Canvas Adverts)

⇒ This updates is giving advertisers more flexibility with how they create and buy ads in stories.

Here is an example of the canvas ad integration in action:


Instagram said in their blog post from this week: “With the ability to utilize Facebook’s fast-loading full screen Canvas format in Instagram Stories, marketers are able to use the creative versatility of Canvas to tell compelling brand and product stories. This seamless extension of the full screen experience allows advertisers to capture the attention of customers with just a single ad.”

Inspiring Engagement with New Creative Tools (September 2017) 

Now, advertisers can use camera features like face filters, boomerangs, and drawing tools to create an organic piece of media, and then repurpose as an ad.

A new uploading tool allows businesses to extend their reach by upload their existing organic creative stories as ads in Power Editor and Ads Manager and have it live permanently for future use.


Placement Optimization to run campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network (September 2017) 

Instagram is rolling out the ability for Instagram Stories to be automatically added to Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network campaigns through placement optimization. This ability allows business to take advantage of the efficiencies of running a cohesive campaign.

This feature will be fully rolled out globally in the coming weeks.

For more information about the new Instagram Stories features read the full announcement here

Instagram Stories can now be shared via Instagram Direct (September 2017) 

Instagram Stories can now be shared via Instagram Direct messaging feature by tapping the Direct icon in the bottom-right corner. Users can also turn off this feature and disable other users to share their stories.


Introducing Photo and Video Replies to Stories (July 2017)

Instagram users can now reply to Stories with a photo or video. Although this sounds more like a user-focused update, it gives brands a lot of possibilities. Users viewing your Stories now have new ways to interact with your brand. Think about it, your fans can now directly respond to your call for (user-generated) content. You can even run entire contests through Stories! Are you getting excited? You can read all about this update here

Photo and Video replies Stories

Post on Instagram without the app (June 2017)

Instagram introduced a feature that allows users to upload photos via their mobile browser. Although this feature is introduced first and foremost to enable the usage of Instagram on phones that do not support applications, it provides advantages for all of us. Through a relatively easy Google Chrome hack you can now post photos from your desktop, increasing image quality and ease-of-use even further. Are you keen on trying this out? You can read all about this clever hack here.

No more mean comments (June 2017)

Everybody has experienced the impact of trolls or spammers on their social accounts at some point in time. Instagram announced two new tools to block these negative experiences.

“Many of you have told us that toxic comments discourage you from enjoying Instagram and expressing yourself freely. To help, we’ve developed a filter that will block certain offensive comments on posts and in live video. All other comments will appear as they normally do and you can still report comments, delete comments or turn them off”, explains Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom. For now this tool will be only available in English with more languages being added over time.

In addition, Instagram added a spam filter to block obvious spam in comments on your posts and live videos. The spam filter is powered by machine learning and will remove spam written in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. Read all about these new tools here.

As a reader of our blog you are obviously keen on driving more traffic from your social media accounts to your website. Instagram is rolling out the possibility to add a link in your Instagram Stories.

This gives you the opportunity to reveal new items or special offers in a teasing playful manner. This is a great addition to our visual commerce solutions. Read more about this new feature here so you can start enjoying the benefits soon!

Replay Live videos (June 2017)

Adding a link is not the only new feature in Stories. Instagram now made it possible to share your Live videos in Stories for 24 hours. This way your followers will no longer miss out on your Live announcements.

Manage Instagram via Facebook Inbox (June 2017)

With this new feature Facebook further integrates the two platforms. Now you are able to manage Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger comments and messages all via the Facebook Inbox.

To use the advantages of this integration in the updated Facebook Inbox, all you’ll have to do is connect your Instagram business profile to your Facebook page and open the Facebook Inbox. Now you can read and reply to comments on your Instagram posts from Facebook!

 instagram changes

Does this mean you can manage Instagram completely from Facebook? No you can’t only rely on Facebook Inbox, since it doesn’t give you all the functionalities of Instagram. Direct Messages don’t show up (yet..?) in your Facebook Inbox.

You can read more about the recent Facebook Inbox integration and the possibilities here.

Multiple Image & Video Posts (March 2017)

With this new update, you’re able to post up to ten photos and videos in one post. You can choose different filters for each individual photo, but can only write one caption per post.

“Whether you’re creating a step-by-step tutorial, sharing the different elements of an outfit, or the best bits of a recent holiday, you can now share more than just one moment without worrying about over-posting to your feed,” Instagram explains.

Share multiple photos on Instagram

While this isn’t one of the most profound Instagram changes, it’s still fun to play with and gives you more options to share with your followers. If you don’t know how to do it, here’s a step-by-step guide.

Instagram Lead Ads (February 2017)

Instagram lead ads are exactly what they sound like: Ads made to get leads. Here’s an example:

Instagram Lead Ads

As you can see, in a lead ad you’re allowed a “sign up” button. This is a great way to build your email list. But that’s not all…

Not only does this help your ad stand out, but it also gives you the opportunity to display crucial information (the benefits to your subscribers) to increase conversions.

Read SME’s guide to Instagram lead ads to get started today.

Instagram Changes to Stories – Ads (February 2017)

With the release of Instagram Stories and Instagram ads in the same year, this update was a no-brainer. You now have the liberty to create a story with your product, including a link to buy it right from the Instagram screen. Here’s a quick explainer video:

Instagram changes

Story ads are awesome for your business because they allow you to show up in front of your followers when they’re most engaged. Read more about Instagram Story Ads here, and check out Iconosquare’s guide to using Story ads if you want to learn how to do it.

Instagram Changes to Stories – Stickers! (December 2016)

When Instagram realized that more and more users were using Instagram’s Story feature, they decided to make it even awesome-er… They added vibrant stickers that you can post alongside your story!

Instagram stickers

You’re also able to post the time, your location, and the temperature. You can use as many stickers as you’d like per post and can move them anywhere on the screen. Here’s a guide to using stickers on your Instagram stories.

Instagram Changes – Bookmarks (December 2016)

Have you ever seen a post on Instagram that you loved, taken a screenshot of it, and lost it in your camera roll? Maybe not, but your followers sure have.

Thanks to Instagram Bookmarks, users can revisit their favorite pictures. The pictures you bookmark will only be visible to you and you’ll be able to access them from your profile page.

Instagram bookmarking

This might not seem that great for your business at first glance. But, this is one of the best Instagram changes yet; It means your posts have a shot at staying in your follower’s minds for weeks, months, and even years after they’ve been posted! To make the most of this, tell people to bookmark your photos in your caption.

Instagram Live (December 2016)

Like Facebook, Instagram is using live videos to help users connect with their followers.

Instagram live

The cool thing about Instagram live is that you can now directly interact with your followers in real-time. They can comment with questions which you can answer. It also alerts your followers that you’re live, which increases your chances of being seen in their feed.

Word of Warning: These live recordings aren’t saved, so once you’re finished with the live video it disappears.

Read more about Instagram live here. Check out our full guide to live video marketing to make your live videos the best they can be.

Instagram Ads (November 2016)

Ready to promote your business? With Instagram Ads, your images will be shown on your user’s home screens as a photo (or video) depending on which you choose. Both image and video ads are able in portrait or landscape mode, which allows your posts to have a little more flexibility.

Instagram Ad example

If you’d like to broadcast Instagram ads in a more creative way, you’re able to create a sort of slideshow image called a Carousel Ad Post, which allows viewers to swipe from picture to picture (or videos). If you want to learn more, take a look at SME’s guide to Instagram advertising.

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Instagram Changes – Explore Tab (October 2016)

With the updated Explore Tab, Instagram will show you posts similar to those you’ve already “liked”. You’re also able to see video channels, as well as live videos currently happening.

Instagram Explore Tab

Everyone has different interests. The Explore Tab is modified to show what you enjoy, and that’s different for everyone. Obviously, you want your brand to show up on the explore tab. Here’s a guide to help you do that.

Instagram Stories (August 2016)

Move over, Snapchat! Since August 2016, you’ve been able to post stories on your Instagram page.

Now you can post loads of videos for your followers to see without flooding your feed. You’re able to doodle, write text, and even save Instagram stories for later. Like Snapchat, these stories delete after 24 hours.

Instagram stories

One cool part of Stories is that you’re able to see who watches your story by swiping up on each picture/video you post. This gives you better insight into who your biggest fans are.

More about Instagram Stories here. If you’re interested in some tips, Social Media Examiner wrote a guide to Instagram Stories for business.

Instagram Business Profiles (June 2016)

Of all the Instagram changes in 2016, this was one of the biggest. In June of 2016, new tools were added to the app, which allowed businesses to better understand their followers (based on likes) while growing their business.

Instagram changes for business

Thanks to the Business tool, your followers can now see where your business is located and access your contact information. This means they can now email, text, or call your business from their Instagram’s profile.

More on Instagram Business Profiles here.

Instagram Changes to the API (June 2016)

Instagram’s API Platform allows users to share their own content with 3rd party apps, helps advertisers manage their audience, and helps publishers discover content while getting digital rights to media. In June of 2016, they restricted the use of their API, causing a few Instagram-related apps to shut down (some of which were spambots that auto followed/unfollowed users and “liked” and commented on photos).

Since this change, you can no longer view your Instagram feed through third-party apps like Iconosquare or Flipboard. Additionally, no one can access the Instagram API without getting access from Instagram themselves.

The big change this meant for your business is if you relied on bots to help you grow your accounts. Services like Instagram Follow/Unfollow became extinct overnight. Now you have to do it manually or hire someone.

More about API changes here.

Instagram’s Logo Redesign (May 2016)

In May of 2016, Instagram completely redesigned their logo.

Instagram logo changes

The creators of Instagram received plenty of backlash for the design, but head of design Ian Spalter said that it was time for a change. The logo took nine months to create and Ian explains that the new logo better resembles cameras that are being used today.

Check your CTAs and marketing material, if you are using Instagram’s logo on your website to encourage people to follow your business account or to share images with you, be sure to be using the updated logo to accommodate these Instagram changes.

Instagram changes maximum video length (March 2016)

Before this update, videos were limited to 15 seconds. Now, you’re able to upload up to 60 seconds of video. Instagram finally updated this after realizing that more than 40% of users posted (as well as watched) videos. More about this update here. Here are a few Instagram video best practices to help you make the most of this change.

Smarter Algorithm Feed (March 2016)

Instagram noticed that, on average, people missed out on 70% of posts by people they followed (!!).

To combat this, they created an updated Algorithm feed, allowing users to see “what they cared about the most” first. For example, if one of your favorite Instagram users was in a different time zone than you, but you liked their pictures the most, Instagram made it so that you would never miss out on one of their posts again.

You can read more about Instagram’s Algorithm here.

Account Switching (February 2016)

Account switching is an Instagram update which now allows users to add multiple accounts to their app. Seemingly trivial at first glance, this impacted businesses in a fairly big way; Users can now have both their business account and their personal account on the same device.

Instagram account switching

Before account switching, you’d have to log out of your old account and login with a new account in order to switch. Now, if you (or your employees) use Instagram for personal and business use, you no longer have that problem. Just swap back and forth at will.

You can read more about account switching here.

Instagram Changes Conclusion

Instagram is an ever-expanding platform, and ever since they were acquired by Facebook, they’ve grown exponentially. It seems all the Instagram changes are a perfect blend of helping businesses get the most out of the platform while protecting users from spam.

After all, without users, Instagram wouldn’t exist.

While these Instagram changes are only scraping the surface of all the updates Instagram has made since their beginning, it’s enough to give you a leg up on the competition and start seeing results from your marketing efforts.

Aren’t sure what you should be posting on Instagram? User Generated Content (UGC) has been shown to increase conversions and engagement with your followers.

Note: We will be continually updating this list as Instagram releases more updates. You can subscribe to this article and you’ll receive an email when we add a new Instagram update to this timeline.

Looking for more Instagram tips? Head to our complete guide to Instagram Marketing, where you’ll find everything you need to know about promoting your products on this crucial platform.