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E-com weekly: News & Articles for the eCommerce Industry

All week we surf the internet, searching for the best articles and news for your eCommerce, conversion, UGC and social media, and share it on our eCommerce Newsletter. Here are some of the articles that we found interesting and thought you would enjoy too.

Why E-commerce Sites Fail In Conversion Optimization


Have you ever wondered why your conversion rate isn’t improving when you implement changes? Brian Massey aka. The Conversion Scientist from Austin, Texas, explained why some e-commerce sites fail at optimizing their conversion rate. Turns out, there a huge number of things that could go wrong.


Source: Sleeknote. 


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How to Take Advantage of Instagram Advertising


An advantage to advertising on Instagram is increased visibility with users who aren’t followers (yet). Your ad looks like a normal Instagram post, but it’ll show up in feeds of targeted audience segments and includes a customizable call to action button encouraging people to click.


Source: Social Media Today.

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21 Social Proof Examples That Get More Conversions

If you can prove that other people use and are satisfied with your product or offer, you’re that much closer to landing one more satisfied customer.


Source: Klientboost.

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European ecommerce sales set to reach €500bn in 2016: report


Ecommerce sales in Europe are set to pass the €500bn (£380.9bn) milestone this year, a new report predicts today, after a year in which UK retailers took more than a third of all European online sales.


Source: Internet Retailing.

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5 Google Shopping Product Feed Specification Updates

Some of the updates require changes to a retailers current product data that need to be implemented by Sept. 1st, 2016 and Feb. 14th, 2017 (click below for more information on deadlines).


Source: cpcstrategy.

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