Photoslurp Analysis: Mobile World Congress Hashtags [INFOGRAPHIC]

( 8 minutes )

The Mobile World Congress 2016 (MWC2016), which took place February 22-25, stayed true to its name with an average of 20,000 images being shared on Twitter and Instagram per day using the Mobile World Congress hashtags. The GSM Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest exhibition for cutting-edge products and mobile technology, as well as […]

Instagram for B2B – 5 Ways To Grow Your Following

( 18 minutes )

 Over 400 million potential customers, a faster growing audience than Twitter and exponential brand growth in the last two years: Instagram for B2B companies is a no-brainer. Here are the 5 ways to grow your Instagram following and develop a devoted customer base ripe for conversion. Any business which doesn’t already have an account full […]

Photoslurp Analysis: Superbowl 50 in Hashtags

( 3 minutes )

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos were the winners of Superbowl 50 on the field, but who won the battle of hashtags on Instagram? Here at Photoslurp, we monitored Instagram over the Superbowl weekend to answer that question. We analyzed the Superbowl 50 in hashtags. We monitored the photos and videos posted with the hashtags […]

Instagram Best Practices – 8 Content Tricks Used By Top Brands

( 15 minutes )

Every day more than 95 million images are shared with 1 billion active Instagram users. The platform’s surging popularity signifies a shift from editorial content to imagery. As technology advances and attention spans dwindle, users want more content in less time. The question is, what are the Instagram best practices to improve imagery strategy and engagement? In order to find […]

Photoslurp Analysis: Top Spanish Fashion Brands on Instagram

( 8 minutes )

The holiday season has arrived, and along with it new fashion collections.  People are eager to share their new purchases with the world on social media by tagging their favorite fashion brands on Instagram. This holiday season at Photoslurp, we decided to monitor and analyze the activity of 32 of the biggest Spanish fashion brands […]

User Generated Content Marketing: Integrating Customer Photos Into Your eCommerce Store

( 18 minutes )

For unsuspecting marketers, the rise of User Generated Content marketing may seem like a sudden takeover. However, for eCommerce brands it’s been a long time coming. Content marketing doesn’t have to represent a black hole of ROI for digital shop owners anymore. In fact, today’s movers and shakers in eCommerce are using UGC to build […]

What is User Generated Content? And 8 Reasons Why Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy Needs It

( 19 minutes )

What is User Generated Content and why can’t marketers today stop talking about it? Maybe it’s the insane ROI, engagement and conversion rates associated with social UGC. Perhaps it’s because there are more opportunities to show off your fans and followers than ever. Modern marketers are using their own customers as cornerstones of their content […]