How to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

( 17 minutes )

You’re about to learn 3 actionable strategies to drive traffic to your website. These strategies won’t make you an overnight success. But they will show you some low-hanging fruit to get immediate visitors to your eCommerce site, and how to grow an audience over the long-term. So grab a coffee and get comfortable. It’s time […]

UGC Stats: 6 Statistics Every Marketer Should Know about User Generated Content

( 18 minutes )

Are you ready for the User Generated Content takeover? Because it’s here in a big way. And we’ve got the UGC stats to prove it. All it takes is about five seconds on Instagram or Facebook to see firsthand how integral UGC has become to modern marketing. Sooner rather than later, brands will sink or swim based […]

PPC For eCommerce On Instagram – The Complete Guide

( 25 minutes )

Instagram is fundamentally changing the way we make decisions to spend money. It affects the way we interact with brands and choose to trust them. It’s a no-brainer place to be for an eCommerce brand using it to build organic presence and a connected community. That also includes PPC. And we don’t say that lightly. Instagram […]

Using Instagram For Business: Best Practices for Ecommerce

( 18 minutes )

Let’s make something clear: This is not another generic advice post for marketing your products on Instagram. No, this is something much more powerful. This is a guide to using Instagram for business by maximizing the platform Instagram created specifically for that purpose: Their analytics and ads platform. In this guide, you’ll learn the advantages of […]

Social Commerce: 16 Awesome Examples of Smart Social Selling

( 17 minutes )

The recent explosion of social commerce is a stark reminder that shopping has always been a social experience. And given the wealth of opportunities brands have to score sales today, social feeds are quickly becoming the modern-day trip to the mall. Just as shoppers want to share and show off their purchases, ecommerce brands are […]

Facebook Ad Examples: 14 Amazing Examples Of Brands Killing It

( 17 minutes )

Facebook Ads have the power to transform your eCommerce business into a powerhouse, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars each month, if done correctly. That’s why we have compiled 14 Facebook ad examples that demonstrate how to do it right. By accessing Facebook’s user base of more than 1.28 billion daily active users you can use […]

4 Ready-to-use On-site Hacks for Upselling

( 17 minutes )

Getting more customers is still the #1 goal for every website owner. But let’s be honest, it’s not easy.  Luckily, acquiring more customers is not the only way to increase your sales. You can also improve your revenue by increasing the cart value of your existing customers. How? Upselling. You can convince your customers to buy […]

Customer Photos: 14 Brands Winning Instagram With User Generated Content

( 17 minutes )

Could the key to getting your reputation up via social be as simple as showing off customer photos? Based on the content strategies of some of social’s biggest players, the answer appears to be a resounding “Yes.” It’s crystal clear that User Generated Content absolutely dominates social platforms such as Instagram. From real-life models to spectacular […]

Getting Ready For The New Privacy Laws For E-Commerce

( 2 minutes )

As always we have been keeping up with all the latest trends in eCommerce. We make it our job to stay on the pulse, so you don’t have to. This week, we will bring you an experts digest of all the most important articles and news in eCommerce, so you are always ahead of the […]