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Rusticae to Show Their Traveller’s Real Experience Through Photoslurp

  • Over 300 charming hotels will be showing their customer’s first-hand experience with this agreement.
  • This innovative technology simplifies the reservation process to just one click.
  • Photoslurp expands its presence in the tourism sector.

Rusticae, a leading company in the tourism sector focused on charming hotels, has recently integrated Photoslurp in their marketing strategy. Photoslurp is a Visual Commerce and Marketing platform that allows brands to grow their incomes by reusing pictures shared on social media by their customers. “It’s very simple: our platform identifies images that the customers have shared publicly about their holidays spent in one of Rusticae hotels; then, the platform allows the company to link these images to each hotel in their catalogue, so the visitors of their website can picture themselves in that hotel”, explains Eulogi Bordas, CEO at Photoslurp.

The use of Photoslurp allows Rusticae to show their followers a first-hand experience from previous customers, giving them a closer and more reliable feeling of the service provided. It also reinforces Rusticae’s efforts on offering a high-quality service to those who chose to spend their holidays in one of their carefully selected hotels.

Rusticae has more than 10k followers on each of their main social platforms, including Instagram. Thanks to Photoslurp’s “Shoppable Instagram” tool, Rusticae’s followers can go directly to a certain hotel in their website just by clicking on the selected Instagram picture. “We are convinced that this technology will help us monetize our Instagram activity”, says Carlota Mateos, founder of Rusticae.

Managing an outstanding number of over 300 hotels worldwide, Rusticae is strongly committed to innovation, investing in technology and brand awareness on social media. Companies that make a good use of User Generated Content can get a 5 to 15% increase in their online shop conversion rate. These numbers encourage more and more brands to use this social and visual content in their marketing strategies. “We share with our customers a specific taste and eye for detail. It’s very important for us to capitalize this shared content in order to generate a better engagement with our customers” explains Isabel Llorens, founder of Rusticae.

With this new agreement, Photoslurp consolidates its presence in the tourism sector, after their successful collaboration with National Geographic (Linbland Expeditions). “We’re strong in the fashion and accessories industry, but we believe there is a huge market for us in the tourism sector too. Just to put a number on it, there are more than 93 million pictures on Instagram using the hashtag #travel”, says Eulogi Bordas, CEO at Photoslurp.

Rusticae, The Goodlife Company, is a leading quality club specialised in hotels with a certain rustic charm. It gathers over 300 hotels in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Latin America. They appeal to “the good side of living”, to everything that makes us feel good and connects us to our cultural roots. These hotels are carefully selected based on their hospitality, personalized service, eye on detail and exquisite decoration, all features that guarantee an unique experience to Rusticae’s clients.

Photoslurp is the Visual Commerce & Marketing platform that helps brands increase their sales by using the social content shared by their customers. It has all the necessary features to collect, manage, and publish these images, as well as request rights tool and an environment that allows to analyse the brand’s impact and the content’s ROI.

There are currently over 40 companies using these technology in countries such as Spain, The Netherlands, Canada, USA, UK, Denmark and Italy, most of them belonging to fashion, beauty, cosmetics, decoration and tourism industries.


Eye-opening statistics

Each day, more than 1,8 billion images are shared on social media, most of them relating to brands, such as mentioning a touristic destination like Madrid, or a fashion brand like Zara.

Many researches show that this type of content is the key for companies to adapt to the purchasing behaviour of today’s consumers:

  • 65% of the consumers look for user generated content before buying a product (Elon University).
  • 53% of millennials affirm that user generated content influence their purchase decision (Crowdtap).
  • 63% of the consumers trust customer-shared images over the official brand images (Fluid).

According to a survey conducted by Duke University in 2014 of over 350 companies, brands currently invest 9% of their marketing budget in social media, and they plan to increase this investment to 22% in the next 5 years, this meaning and increase of 128%.