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Photoslurp Analysis: Top Spanish Fashion Brands on Instagram

The holiday season has arrived, and along with it new fashion collections.  People are eager to share their new purchases with the world on social media by tagging their favorite fashion brands on Instagram.

This holiday season at Photoslurp, we decided to monitor and analyze the activity of 32 of the biggest Spanish fashion brands on Instagram, and their followers, from December 25th, 2015 to January 6th, 2016. Much of the data we collected was as expected, but there were a few surprises thrown in.


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Based on traditional metrics such as number of followers, likes, and comments, Zara, Mango, and Bershka are the top dogs of Instagram. But a deeper analysis of the metrics concerning user engagement reveals that the real winners of Instagram during this past holiday season were the small brands such as DoubleAgent, Hackett and Purificacion GarcĂ­a.

Spanish Fashion Brands on Instagram: The numbers

During the 13 day period we analyzed, 117,272 users uploaded a total of 297,007 images on Instagram with hashtags mentioning the 32 Spanish fashion brands in our study.  

The top five brands by number of followers were Zara with 8.8 million followers, Mango with 3.9m, Bershka with 2.1m, Stradivarius with 1.6m and Pull and Bear with 1.2 million.

Zara, in first place, was mentioned in 191,431 Instagram posts which received 9.2 millions likes and 337,357 comments total.  

Mango was second place with 19,459 mentions receiving a total of 760,811 likes and 84,489 comments.

Bershka, in third place, was mentioned in 16,038 images, with 615,713 likes and 21,817 comments.

“The fact that Zara, Mango, and Bershka lead the rankings with more images, likes, and comments on Instagram is no news, due to their large amount of followers, the geographic reach of the brands and their larger marketing budget. The surprise comes when in a deeper analysis, we found that smaller brands lead the metrics associated with engagement: such as comments per image and likes per image”, says Eulogi Bordas, CEO and co-founder of Photoslurp.

big spanish brands on Instagram December 2015

And the winner is…

When looking at the number of likes per image, an effective indicator of user engagement, the undisputed champion is Doubleagent, with an average 1903.2 likes per image for the 240 images where the brand was mentioned.

Hackett is a distant second, with an average of 191.4 likes per image for the 564 images in which they were mentioned, and Scalpers came in third, with an average of 165 likes per image for 173 images.

Another metric associated with engagement is the number of comments per image. In this case, the Spanish fashion brand PurificaciĂłn GarcĂ­a lead the rankings with an average of 8.3 comments per image on 260 images, followed by Doubleagent, with 5.9, and Adolfo Dominguez with 5.2.

Finally, according to Ben Heinkel, CTO and co-founder of Photoslurp, “Another interesting metric is the number of images mentioning a brand uploaded by its followers compared to the brand’s total number of followers. Basically, is a way to measure how active the community of this brand is on Instagram”.

For this metric, Zara came in first with 2.18 posts for every 100 followers, which is particularly impressive considering they have 8.8 million followers.  In Second place is Camper, with 1.71 posts for every 100 of their 42,325 followers.  Cortefiel came in third with 1.54 posts for every 100 of their 12,700 followers.

It is surprising the extent to which smaller brands, with smaller budgets, have been able to create an active community on Instagram and compete with the larger brands when it comes to follower engagement.  

These results indicate there is a tremendous marketing opportunity for smaller fashion brands on Instagram. By dedicating their time to create an engaged audience and develop a focused strategy, smaller fashion brands can compete with larger brands in a way that was unheard of before social media.

small Spanish brands on Instagram. December 2015

Holiday looks, which brands go together?

Another interesting metric we gathered is how people combine different brands on Instagram. When users mention a brand on Instagram, which other brands do they also mention in the same post?

For example, in over 191k images shared on Christmas using #zara, 85% don’t mention any other brand, 12% mention #mango, and 4% mention #bershka.

When looking at Mango, 65% of the posts with #mango don’t include any other hashtags, 33% include #zara, and 6% include #bershka.

Does Zara have a more brand-addicted audience than Mango?

An interesting aspect of the results is that smaller brands tend to be the main focus of their hashtagged photos. 98% of the photos mentioning Doubleagent, 97% of the photos mentioning Springfield, and 96% of the photos mentioning Hackett do not feature any other hashtags.

Bershka is the brand with the highest percentage of images that also mention other brands (59%). #bershka was accompanied by #zara 48% of the time and by #mango 25% of the time. The next on the list is Stradivarius with 54% of their images also mentioning other brands.

spanish fashion brands on Instagram

Visual Commerce & Marketing, 2016 Trends For Fashion Brands

Instagram is, without a doubt, one of the best visual marketing tools currently available. More than 80 millions images are shared every day, many of which are related with brands, especially those focused on fashion, beauty and travel.

User Generated Content (UGC) is consistently proving to be the best way to generate social proof and increase conversion rates and engagement for brands that acknowledge the importance of social media. Today, 65% of consumers seek out user-generated content before making a purchase and 53% of millennials say UGC influences their product purchases.

Brands that incorporate UGC in their online marketing strategy have greater engagement with their audience and a 30% conversion rate increase on their product pages.

“These benefits make brands want to include more social and visual content in their strategies and channels for marketing and sales” says Eulogi Bordas.

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