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User Generated Content Statistics: UGC VS Professional Content

User Generated Content Statistics: Intuitively we expect that User Generated Content (UGC), with its less curated appearance, should generate a different response from people who interact with it. But exactly how this response differs when compared with professional content (PC) is still poorly understood.

Here at Photoslurp we make it our business to better understand UGC, and the effect it can have for brands selling their products online. We collect a huge amount of data from images posted originally on Instagram, which are then used by brands to help sell products that are featured in these images.

What’s more, we collect images that are UGC and PC type. So we decided to breakdown this data, to see what we can learn about how UGC compares with PC in terms of selling online…

User Generated Content Statistics

To make our data set we took 18 of the best performing brands currently using the Photoslurp platform. All 18 brands integrate the Photoslurp platform onto their product pages, allowing online customers to see images of specific products which originated on Instagram.

Then for each brand we used Photoslurp’s ‘Top Photos’ feature to identify up to 20 top performing images based on the estimated revenue they have generated online. This gives us the most reliable set of images available for us to do our analysis, a total of 343 images.

One of the key metrics that we measure for all images that we push onto the websites of our clients is CONVERSION – the number of times a customer has interacted with an image, and then gone on to purchase the product featured in the image.

This is a great stat as it tells us how successful each image is at convincing customers to click ‘BUY’, and make a purchase. So, with CONVERSION we have a great metric for comparing the success of our UGC and PC.

User Generated Content Statistics: The ResultsUser Generated Content statistics

We carried out a side-by-side analysis of the CONVERSION created by UGC vs PC, and the results are striking. We find that UGC is 5x more likely to create a CONVERSION compared with PC. UGC images achieve an average of 85.09 conversions relative to 17.19 for PC images.

We find that UGC is 5X more likely to create a conversion compared with PC

And most importantly, this result is statistically significant (P = 0.0015, DF = 196, t = -3.229), meaning that we can be greater than 95% sure that this result is real.

So, the numbers tell the story, UGC works!

And of course, this is not entirely surprising. There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that UGC engenders a greater sense of trust and confidence in a customer’s mind, helping to breakdown crucial barriers in the online shopping process. It is User Generated Content Statistics like these that can help us fully understand the value that UGC brings to the table.

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