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With the Photoslurp Widget Editor, seamlessly adjust UGC integration

Seamlessly adjust your UGC to the look and feel of your website with the Photoslurp Widget Editor

Here at Photoslurp, we are in the business of constantly improving our product to best fit the needs of our clients. We value your time, and that’s why we’re happy to announce the release of the Photoslurp Widget Editor.

In the past, making alterations to your Photoslurp integration required tech support or coding knowledge. To minimize this effort for our clients, we developed the Widget Editor, allowing our users to make changes to their UGC galleries and carousels directly through our platform.

Widget styles, titles, fonts, behaviors, and more are now conveniently accessible within our platform, putting UGC presentation completely in the hands of the user. With this feature, clients can seamlessly adjust widgets to match the look and feel of their brand in only a few moments.

The value of this product to our clients is immeasurable and makes our UGC solution that much easier to use. Photoslurp is consistently working on innovative ways to help brands facilitate the User Generated Content process, which is how tools like the Widget Editor have come into fruition. Keeping the best interests of our clients in mind, we continue to develop our services to provide Europe’s leading visual commerce platform.

Request a demo of the Photoslurp platform to see how the new Widget Editor simplifies integration.