• case study UGC


    Selling custom jewerly, Singulary knows the importance of social proof. By embedding customer photos into the brand’s product pages, Singularu gains their visitors trust, and increases their overall sales by 11%. Click here to read more […]

  • Aurevoir Cinderella - Case Study

    Au Revoir Cinderella

    Spanish based Au Revoir Cinderella worked with Photoslurp to make their Instagram feed shoppable, and to integrate customer photos into their online store increasing online sales by a whopping 23%. Au Revoir Cinderella used Photoslurp’s […]

  • Meller Brand - Case Study

    Meller Brand

    Selling both sunglasses and watches online, Meller knows how important it is for a young brand to gain their visitors trust. Turning customer photos into social proof and embedding these into the brand’s product pages increase […]

  • Cluse Watches Case Study

    CLUSE Watches

    A case study on how Amsterdam based CLUSE Watches, one of the fastest growing women’s watch brands, worked with Photoslurp and was able to increase their conversion rate by 19% by integrating customer photos from across […]