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CLUSE increased their conversion rate a whopping 19% after integrating customer photos and videos into their online store.


See how this Dutch accessories brand increased their conversion rate by 9.19% with User Generated Content.

Woodstock Zambon

See how this Italian accessories brand builds closer relationships with customers, while increasing their conversion rate by 16.95% with User Generated Content.


Learn how this home wall art brand uses customer content to find an intersection between inspiration and functionality, increasing their average order value by 23.85%.

Lazer Sport

Learn how this cycling helmet brand honored their 100 year anniversary by celebrating their customers.

Bretoniere Group

Watch this video case study to see how these Dutch shoe and bag brands – Fred de la Bretoniere & Shabbies Amsterdam – improve their UGC strategy in this video case study.


Learn how this interior design group uses customer content to provide their online customers with authentic visual reviews and have seen an 18.76% increase of conversion rate because of it.


This Dutch fashion and accessories brand prides itself in its personal shopping experience, which they’ve translated into their online shopping journey through UGC.


See how this online cosmetics brand increased their conversion rate by 11.20% thanks to authentic User Generated Content.

Kave Home

Spanish furniture brand, Kave Home, shares why they came to Photoslurp to implement their User Generated Content strategy in this video case study.


Learn how this British heritage brand increased their conversion rate by 19.03% by integrating authentic UGC into their eCommerce with Photoslurp.


This premium cyclist brand has collected over 13,000 User Generated images to stand out in a niche market.


This innovative kitchenware brand uses their interest in healthy cooking to inspire shoppers into further engaging with the brand through User Generated Content.

Meller Brand

Selling both sunglasses and watches online, Meller knows how important it is for a young brand to gain their visitors trust. Turning customer photos into social proof and embedding these into the brand’s product pages increase their overall sales by 13%.

Kalevala Jewellery

A case study on how Finnish jewelry brand Kalevala Jewelry integrates User Generated Content into their marketing campaigns and websites to further their mission of authentic communication and marketing.


An iconic US jewelry brand, LAGOS partnered with Photoslurp to connect new customers with the styles of existing customers through the brand related content created on Instagram. Read on to see how 15%+ of LAGOS sales came from users that interacted with UGC.

Meller Brand & Instagram Ads

As a digital brand, Meller understands the importance of social ads. The brand was able to see just how impactful User Generated Content is to the performance of their ads. With UGC, they’ve achieved a 13.9% lower cost per click in their social ads than professional content.

DENHAM The Jeanmaker

International jeans brand DENHAM The Jeanmaker shares why they came to Photoslurp to implement their User Generated Content strategy in this video case study.


Sweden’s largest online gadget shop, CoolStuff leverages User Generated Content to connect their loyal brand followers with their unique collection of products.


This premium shoe and backpack brand saw a 125% increase of conversion with authentic User Generated Content as compared to professional content.

Jennifer Taylor Home

This home furnishings brand saw a 49.7% increase of conversion rate thanks to User Generated Content integration with Photoslurp.

Rivièra Maison

This premium furniture brand collected 50,000 User Generated images through the Photoslurp platform and saw a 15.59% interaction rate with the customer content integrated into the Riviera Maison website.


This premium shoes brand saw a 16.03% increase of conversion rate thanks to User Generated Content integration with Photoslurp.

Salsa Jeans – COVID-19

Learn how this Portugese jeans brand used authentic UGC to connect with customers during the COVID-19 quarantine.