Ametller Origen

Bringing food products to life online with UGC

The Catalonian retail grocery chain, Ametller Origen, has integrated User Generated Content into their eCommerce so that they can show their products being used by consumers in a relatable way. Find out everything you need to know about their journey with UGC below.


Average amount of user generated images and videos collected per month


The Story

Ametller Origen is a Catalonian chain of food shops specializing in high-quality fresh and processed products. The company has been raising awareness of the importance of a good diet for 21 years, and they are the largest producer of fruit and vegetables in Catalonia. They are innovative in offering quality food with maximum flavor and nutrients.

The chain successfully promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by providing access to nutritious, clean, and premium-quality food.


Marketing for businesses with a physical storefront presence (especially food shops) is different from marketing for businesses that only sell online. At first, they had their doubts about whether or not User Generated Content would be the right fit for them, but Ametller Origen took the leap and decided to try it.

“I had doubts about UGC for retail grocers since using it for fashion or homewares is a different thing… but once I saw the content in the ‘Tagged’ section I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the photos uploaded by our consumers. Being very user-centric we have always been focused on giving the best customer experience. And this is also reflected in our stores. The channels complement each other, both online and offline”

Elisa Rabate, Digital Director at Ametller Origen


User Generated Content images have brought food products to life on the Ametller Origen website by showing the food in different stages of preparation. Their Photoslurp integration perfectly complements their eCommerce efforts and UGC is now a valuable part of their marketing strategy.

“We wanted to enrich our website with authentic content from our users, because I think it is much more pleasant when you are shopping online. Instead of seeing only a grid of products with a page with the list of all the products of one type, being able to see images that depict moments of consumption. It is one thing to see a product in a package like the ones you see in the store and another thing is to see it at the moment of consumption, which is much more aspirational.”

Elisa Rabate, Digital Director at Ametller Origen

User Generated content has allowed Ametller Origen to market its products in more engaging ways. The integration has seamlessly blended their eCommerce and social media strategies together.

“In our online store you can see images of the products, but we also like to show how the consumers use them in their own way. I think that’s exactly what’s interesting. The transversality of channels is also important, generating an online ecosystem. It is not just having the online store on one side and social networks on the other, but also unifying the two.”

Elisa Rabate, Digital Director at Ametller Origen


Average amount of user generated images and videos collected per month


The Photoslurp Experience

Ametller Origen has had a positive experience with Photoslurp overall, finding the tools useful and easy to manage.

“Photoslurp is really very good. I think the key value is in the idea of ​​being able to use the platform autonomously. The customer support they offer has been very helpful when it comes to using the platform, that being said, the platform is intuitive and simple to use on your own.”

Elisa Rabate, Digital Director at Ametller Origen

The platform allows the brand to work independently on their UGC, with the added benefit of Photoslurp’s excellent customer service team being there for them whenever needed.

 “I really appreciate that at all times we have had the support of our customer service representative, Teresa, whenever a doubt has arisen, she has always been helpful.”

Elisa Rabate, Digital Director at Ametller Origen

A fast integration that does not compromise the efficiency of an eCommerce website is a defining characteristic of a high-quality UGC platform. Ametller Origen has found Photoslurp to be one such high-quality UGC platform. They have also found Photoslurp to function well in combination with VTEX, the digital commerce platform that they use.

“Yes, the integration process has been quite simple. The implementation was very fast, in a matter of weeks it was ready. We were a little worried since we didn’t know what we were going to find, but with Photoslurp everything has been very simple and fluid. I think VTEX and Photoslurp complement each other very well.”

Elisa Rabate, Digital Director at Ametller Origen

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