Our story is about people who find beauty in simplicity

CLUSE gathered 19,000 user generated images and videos from their online community, experiencing a conversion rate increase of 19%, by integrating customer content from across social media into their online shopping journey with Photoslurp.






The Story

“Simple is not about being plain. It is about being grounded, sophisticated and true to oneself. Away from distractions and focused on the things that are truly important in life”

CLUSE was born in Amsterdam in 2013 with the purpose of designing beautiful, minimalist ladies watches. Rather than limiting itself by positioning CLUSE as a traditional watch brand, the team behind this successful brand decided to position it as a fashion brand.

Since its inception, CLUSE’s marketing strategy has been focused on social media, especially Instagram. The team see this social network as the perfect medium to reach and engage with their target group.

CLUSE has come a long way in a short period of time and is now sold in more than 30 countries around the world, selling millions of watches every year. Their watches are very popular in Europe, but they also sell a lot on other continents such as North America, Asia and Australia.


CLUSE aimed to pay tribute to their customers and increase engagement by including social media content on their site.


CLUSE encouraged their customers to share photos and videos of their watches with the hashtag #CLUSE and #CLUSEwatches on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Photoslurp gathered the hashtagged content and displayed them in a Lookbook on CLUSE’s site and as a carousel on their product pages. Each photo or video is linked to the product page of the featured watch, as well as the social media page of the user who shared it.






The Photoslurp Experience

We asked Rudyard Bekker, CEO of CLUSE, how UGC has improved the shopping experience for CLUSE

“One of the most important elements in the decision making process of buying fashion (accessories) online is to get an idea of how such product would look on you. By using photos made by real customers, our site visitors get a clear and authentic picture of how the watch would look on their wrist, how they can combine the watch with jewelry, apparel, etc. So, from a customer experience point of view, you could argue that it’s actually a no-brainer to make such content available on your website”.
“For us as a brand, UGC is vital because of its authenticity. Photoslurp enables us to use it in the best possible way: we pay tribute to our customers by giving them a central place on our brand site, while at the same time these pictures increase the onsite conversion rate. For us, the use and advantages of Photoslurp have become a no-brainer.”

Rudyard Bekker – CEO of CLUSE

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