How User Generated Content can honor brand values ​​and build trusted relationships with consumers

Colombian clothing brand, COLOR BLUE has evolved its content marketing strategy thanks to User Generated Content. Read on to learn more about the brand’s positive experience with UGC and the Photoslurp platform. 


Users that interact with UGC convert more


The Story

COLOR BLUE is a Colombian clothing brand born in 1984 in the city of Medellin. The brand produces functional, elegant, affordable, and dynamic clothing for men and women. All COLOR BLUE products are made in Colombia.

COLOR BLUE launched its sustainability department two years ago and its goal is to become an increasingly sustainable brand. They are committed to launching new initiatives that combat the use of manufacturing chemicals that seriously harm the environment. They believe that, as a clothing company, they have an obligation to be transparent, raise awareness and contribute to the change that our planet needs.


COLOR BLUE required a marketing solution that would help them to truly convey their values. Visual forms of content marketing are often the most effective way to engage an audience and transmit a brand’s message authentically, and as such, the brand needed the right tools to generate visual content that would spread its message.

“We try to be a very transparent brand. We want there to be no difference between what our customers see on social networks and eCommerce, and what they finally receive at home. We are transparent regarding product changes, guarantees, or any situation. We have a responsibility to our customers. Our values ​​are summed up by the words respect and transparency.”

Alejandro Jaramillo Vélez, Director of eCommerce at COLOR BLUE


Photoslurp gave COLOR BLUE a solution that has had a positive impact on their creative marketing output as well as their overall marketing strategy. The integration of UGC has created a lasting impact for the brand, as UGC so often does. 

“COLOR BLUE’s strategy has changed since our association with Photoslurp. In the beginning, we only used content generated by ourselves or by influencers. With Photoslurp, we started using content generated by our own users. We show images of real people wearing COLOR BLUE garments, people with real bodies, in everyday situations.

Alejandro Jaramillo Vélez, Director of eCommerce at COLOR BLUE

The brand’s approach is centered around its customers. They want their consumers to be the ones who generate a large part of their content. In fact, at least 50% of the content presented on their platforms has been created by consumers. In this way, those who post their experience with COLOR BLUE’s products can feel part of the brand. Their content then being published by the brand functions as a validating digital interaction between brand and customer. 

“We publish content from people who are living in COLOR BLUE, using our products in their day-to-day life. We are sure that showing our brand and our products in a realistic way can raise sales to another level, as we instill confidence in those potential customers who still do not know of or haven’t used our clothes.”

Alejandro Jaramillo Vélez, Director of eCommerce at COLOR BLUE


Users that interact with UGC convert more


The Photoslurp Experience

The brand receives emails from their account manager notifying them if there are products that are not tagged, products that are out of stock, and so on. They are always aware of all of these changes and support is always available if they require it.

“Our experience has been very good. The integration only took a week with Teresa’s support. She has been the person who has helped us and her response has always been immediate. It has been a very simple process and we have not had any problems. The assistance of the technical team is perfect.”

Alejandro Jaramillo Vélez, Director of eCommerce at COLOR BLUE

The Photoslurp integration went very well for COLOR BLUE. The combination of VTEX and Photoslurp on their site has resulted in an optimal eCommerce shopping journey for users. 

“It was very easy. There was no problem. They shared the code with us and we implemented it immediately. We have two tools, Photoslurp and VTEX. Photoslurp, located at the bottom (of the web page), is dedicated to much more product-focused content from COLOR BLUE.”

Alejandro Jaramillo Vélez, Director of eCommerce at COLOR BLUE

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