DENHAM The Jeanmaker

See how this premium jeans brand gets the most out of their social proof

The Story

DENHAM the Jeanmaker is an international jeans brand based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with a dedicated base of followers that loves to post on social media with the brand’s products.


With all of this customer content waiting on social media, DENHAM sought a visual commerce solution that would help them collect their UGC and use it to more deeply engage with customers.

But this premium jeans brand was looking for more than just a simple integration of User Generated Content. What they really wanted was a UGC experience that would allow users to shop their earned content, as well as see social proof throughout various points of their customers’ shopping journey.


DENHAM The Jeanmaker turned to Photoslurp to help leverage UGC on their eCommerce website.

“For us in eCommerce, User Generated Content is one of the greatest ways how we can engage with our consumers, and Photoslurp is a great tool that helps us in achieving this objective.”


Thomas Stegelmann – Director of Communication & eCommerce

See for yourself how DENHAM The Jeanmaker uses Photoslurp to increase engagement and conversions in our video case study.

The Photoslurp Experience

“Everyday my team is using [Photoslurp] to enhance the experience of our consumers. The integration was fast and easy, and we just love seeing how this engagement rate is continuing to grow and to grow everyday that we are using Photoslurp.”


Thomas Stegelmann – Director of Communication & eCommerce at DENHAM The Jeanmaker

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