Authentic User Generated Content for an authentic heritage brand.

After integrating customer pictures in their website, Kalevala now converts more on their eCommerce. They demonstrate that UGC can be utilised by brands of all types, sizes and ambitions.


People interacting with UGC are more likely to convert


Total online sales that have been influenced by UGC


The Story

Kalevala is a Finnish brand founded way back in 1937. The brand takes its name from a 19th century¬† work of epic poetry which was instrumental in the development of the Finnish national identity. It’s befitting then that Kalevala, the brand, has grown to be a household name in Finland, synonymous with the lifestyle and culture.

For an authentic brand that remains true to its roots, look no further than Kalevala.


Finland is still the primary market for Kalevala where the brand has an exceptionally strong presence. What they needed was a means of maintaining this core audience which was inline with the modern market place! They wanted to harness the good will of their loyal following in a way that engages their audience and remains true to their brand values.

In addition, as a brand with a very large number of products in their catalog, it was proving expensive and difficult to create inspiring new content for their website.

Kalevala was the perfect fit for Photoslurp. As a brand they had all the ingredients needed to utilise authentic User Generated Content (UGC) to bridge the gap to their customers…


What’s interesting about Kalevala is that they use UGC in the most authentic way we have seen to date. Using Photoslurp’s content curation capabilities they are actively sharing UGC that represents their audience, from customers and influencers alike. The priority is to remain true to their core customer base.

“We geared our marketing and communications towards authenticity. Striving for more real moments and more real people that our audience can relate to. We wanted to show a wide spectrum of beauty, and not the stereotypical kind of pictures that you usually see jewelry brands using”.

“Curating User Generated Content from Instagram through Photoslurp has been essential to achieving these marketing goals, engaging our audience and transmitting the legacy of Kalevala to younger generations in Finland and the surrounding countries”.


Line Leden –¬† Marketing Planner at Kalevala Jewelry

A Photoslurp gallery integrated on Kalevala’s website

The Results

People interacting with UGC are more likely to convert


Total online sales that have been influenced by UGC


The Photoslurp Experience

“All these benefits combined with the positive social proof effects on our website conversion rates made it clear that Photoslurp was the way to go”.


Lina Leden – Marketing Planner at Kalevala Jewelry

Something extra – Building a content library

One unexpected benefit was that Kalevala found their audience posting images of older products, meaning their website was automatically fresh and up-to-date. Their customers were slowly building a content library.

“In some instances, we have been able to use new UGC images to renew images for our old product lines. The quality of many UGC images is so good it’s like our customers are helping us to do our job”.


Lina Leden – Marketing Planner at Kalevala Jewelry

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