Bringing the life into lifestyle brands with authentic User Generated Content

Kambukka is a Belgian lifestyle brand that sells a range of premium water bottles, coffee mugs, and food jars to an international customer base. Learn how they increased their conversion rates by 9.81% with authentic User Generated Content. 

“UGC helps to present the brand lifestyle that we maintain with our products.”


Sabrina Ruzzi – Marketing Manager at Kambukka


Conversion Rates


The Story

Selling a range of water bottles, coffee mugs, and food jars, Kambukka is a Belgium based brand with customers all over the world. As a lifestyle brand, everything is about the look and feel of the products in conjunction with the brand image. 

Always looking for new ways to demonstrate the Kambukka lifestyle to customers, they set out to find a new eCommerce solution that would inspire customers – while helping to increase online revenue.


“We are more than just the bottle. We have created features to use the products in better ways, like how the bottles are cleaned, for example. It’s not always easy to explain that to customers, as you have to be quite technological. But the users who create content for us sometimes have such great pictures, telling such a great story, which shows a different perspective of how to put the brand on the market.” 


Sabrina Ruzzi – Marketing Manager at Kambukka

Kambukka was looking for a way to comprehensively demonstrate the look and feel of their lifestyle brand through their eCommerce efforts. In search of an effective solution for presenting the brand through the eyes of the customer, they turned to Europe’s leading User Generated Content platform, Photoslurp

“I think UGC demonstrates the look and feel of the brand because you can actually see the way the real product will look, which for us is very, very important. If we tell the customer that we are a lifestyle brand, it’s not so inspiring. By having influencers and normal users creating content with our products, we can show consumers different situations in which they can use the products. So it’s like a real-life implementation of the products, which is quite important to understand all of the benefits of the product.” 


Sabrina Ruzzi – Marketing Manager at Kambukka


By collecting high-quality content created by users on social networks, the brand is able to enhance their online shopping journey while presenting the Kambukka lifestyle through the eyes of their customers. Not only has this helped illustrate the look and feel of Kambukka, it’s helped increase their eCommerce revenue.

“One of the reasons to use UGC is for conversions. It’s really nice to have pictures and content, but in the end you want to sell the bottle. And we can see that if you have User Generated Content, people feel like it’s real. They have more belief in your brand and the product, and it’s easier for them to be convinced to buy. We can see that our conversions are much more positive when using User Generated Content.”


Sabrina Ruzzi – Marketing Manager at Kambukka

Thanks to their Photoslurp integration, Kambukka has seen a 9.81% increase in conversion rates. By creating an inspiring lifestyle through the eyes of their customers, the brand is able to further energize future shoppers to adopt a similar lifestyle – all through their eCommerce efforts. 

Plus, embracing a User Generated Content strategy has enabled the brand to collect a database of high-quality content featuring their products, which they’ve been able to use across their online strategies. Particularly post-COVID outbreak, as more people are engaging with the brand through social media. 

“If you’re a new brand, you don’t have a lot of pictures yet. So you have to create content yourself, which is very hard. The reason to use UGC is so that you can go into the market with content from all different perspectives – showing different products with content from men, women, youngsters, older people. Plus, COVID gave us a very high influx of people sharing content. They were happy when they could go outside or they were happy when they did a workout at home. The only thing that they could share during that time was the small happy moments. So it had a very big impact on Kambukka. COVID actually made it clear that people like our brand because we got so much feedback, reactions, and pictures.”


Sabrina Ruzzi – Marketing Manager at Kambukka

The Photoslurp gallery in the Kambukka website

The Photoslurp Experience

“The Photoslurp tool is very easy to use, especially when picking the images you want to show – you can easily reject a picture. In the analytics suite, you can see everything in one view, so it’s super easy to use. Plus, the Customer Success team sends us emails asking about our situation with the platform to give any help that we may need, and they’ve helped us bring our integration into the market very quickly.” 


Sabrina Ruzzi – Marketing Manager at Kambukka

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