MELLER brand

Building an online community around the brand

Meller increased the eCommerce conversion rate by integrating visual User Generated Content on their product pages.

A significant percentage of visitors interact with these customer photos before making a purchase.


Visitors that interacted with UGC


Overall Conversion Rate Increase


The Story

Meller is an eCommerce brand selling original sunglasses and watches that can only be found on their website.

Three young partners founded the brand in 2014. Its exponential growth allowed them to amplify their product offering by adding watches to their catalog in 2015.

Selling exclusively online gives the brand the opportunity to offer its products in Europe, United States and some countries in South America. Its marketing efforts are focused on Social Media, with special emphasis on connecting with its audience through beautiful and inspirational images.


Meller’s team has mastered social media marketing. They know how to connect with their large number of followers, inviting them to engage with each post. The question the team posed was: How can we connect this strong social media presence with our online shopping experience?

The brand wanted to transfer the tone of engagement they had built on social media into their eCommerce store.


Integrate visual user generated content (UGC) to product pages.

Meller collected the visual content that users shared on social media and added it to their product pages to enhance the shopping experience.

First, they encouraged their followers to share pictures of products they bought, using the hashtag #MellerBrand. Then the brand collected all this content using Photoslurp’s platform . They curated the pictures and videos selecting the ones that aligned with Meller’s tone and brand image and published it on the product pages.

By doing this, potential buyers can see how other customers use and enjoy the products, and they can picture themselves wearing them.

A Photoslurp carousel integrated in the product pages of Meller’s website

The Photoslurp Experience

We asked the Meller team how their experience integrating visual UGC into their online shopping experience with Photoslurp was. Here’s what they said:

“We use Photoslurp because its service builds trust and adds a different experience to the shopping process. User Generated Content increases the engagement and gives us more visibility. Customers are more interested in buying when they visit our website and see pictures of other buyers. This makes them feel more confident”.

The Results

Visitors that interacted with UGC


Overall Conversion Rate Increase


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