Finding equilibrium between functionality and aesthetic

Muroexe collected 3,231 User Generated images and videos published on social media by their online community. Using the Photoslurp platform, the brand published this content that serves as social proof into their product pages and experienced a considerable increase in their conversion rate.


Visitors that interacted with UGC


Increase in conversion rate (UGC vs PC)


The Story

Muroexe is a shoe and backpack brand that was born in 2013 with the intention of dressing “the generation of young professionals that need functional yet elegant products for their day to day in the city” – and they have achieved it. Today, Muroexe is available in more than 51 countries with physical stores in Spain, Germany and the United States.

The Challenge

Muroexe aspires to create a sense of community surrounding the brand, discover their most faithful online users and add an element of social proof to their online buying process.

The Solution

Muroexe collected the images and videos of users who tagged or mentioned the brand in their posts or utilized the brand’s hashtags. Then, they integrated this content into their eCommerce storefront, connecting it directly to products, as well as into product pages, showcasing content featuring each particular product.

With this model, future shoppers see other users who have purchased the product, how they use it and how the user interacts with the brand via social media.

UGC carousel in Muroexe’s product pages

The Photoslurp Experience:

“This is an easy and intuitive tool with a great potential for increasing conversions and engagement with your eCommerce store. Photoslurp helps create more trust in the brand, and we believe it plays a large role in inspiring shoppers to make a purchase.”


David Morán – Head of Digital & Ecommerce at Muroexe.

The Results

Muroexe experienced a 125% increase in conversion rate with User Generated Content as compared to professional content.

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