Rivièra Maison

This classic home decor brand inspires customers with their customers.

This premium furniture brand collected 50,000 User Generated images through the Photoslurp platform and saw a 15.59% interaction rate with the customer content integrated into the Rivièra Maison website. 


Images Collected Through Photoslurp

50K +

Interaction Rate with the Photoslurp Widget


The Story

With a long history in home decoration, Rivièra Maison is dedicated to bringing classic interior designs to their devoted base of customers both in-store and online. Their exclusive collections are meticulously designed with a focus on detail, providing customers with unique and stylish products to decorate a comfortable home.


When it comes to selling home decor online, the challenge lies in helping customers envision the products in their own homes before seeing it in person. Riviera Maison aims to give shoppers the best idea of their products before they buy, ensuring cohesive interior styling that customers are guaranteed to love and, in turn, minimizing eCommerce returns.

This interior brand sought a visual solution that would present product perspective in terms of size, color and style, while deepening engagement with online consumers. As it turns out, the answer was in their customers.

Solution – Authentic customer content

By collecting content posted by their customers on social media and integrating it into their eCommerce store, Rivièra Maison gives shoppers the key to understanding what a product will look like in their own hands.

“I think with the products we sell, it’s fairly common that people don’t really know what to expect in terms of size. For example: with a coffee cup, we have small, medium, large and extra large, and it’s difficult to take a photo that conveys the exact size. So we display a Photoslurp image below the product image, showing a person holding the coffee cup. It really helps to show our products in perspective because it’s more clear to the customer what to expect when they order something.”

– Leonie Sta van Uiter, Online Development Coordinator with Rivièra Maison

Not only does this effort reduce eCommerce returns, it gives shoppers the social proof they need to make a purchase with the added bonus of presenting shoppers with unique stylings designed by their customers.

“The Rivièra Maison brand is really about styling comfort at home, and Photoslurp provides inspiration for our customers with the same products. Plus, we see in sales that it helps.”

– Leonie Sta van Uiter, Online Development Coordinator with Rivièra Maison

When shoppers browse images of prior customers and their at-home style, they will have a better idea of how it style it for themselves. Plus, seeing that real people are satisfied with the products on social media, new customers are excited to join the community of the brand and post a photo or two of their own interior expressions – all thanks to Rivièra Maison.

A Photoslurp gallery integrated in the form of a Lookbook on Rivièra Maison’s website

The Results

Images Collected Through Photoslurp

50K +

Interaction Rate with the Photoslurp Widgets


With over 50,000 images collected through Photoslurp, Rivièra Maison has their pick of customer content to include throughout their online shopping journey.

Compared with the average interaction rate of 4%, Rivièra Maison has a high engagement with their customer photos bringing in an engagement rate of 15.59%.

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