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 PHOTOSLURP, S.L. obtains anonymous information on its visitors, meaning that the information cannot be associated with a specific or identified user. The data stored are:

  • a) The name of the internet service provider (ISP) that gives you access to the internet. For example, a user of supplier XXX will only be identified by the domain This allows us to prepare statistics about the countries and servers that visit our website most frequently.
  • b) The date and time you access our website. This lets us ascertain the busiest times and make precise adjustments to prevent access problems.
  • c) The internet address that provided the link to our website. This lets us know how effective the different buttons and links that direct traffic to our server are in order to boost the ones that give the best results.
  • d) The number of daily visitors to each section. This lets us know the areas of most interest and increase or improve their content to enhance your browsing experience.

Browsing with cookies

This website uses cookies, computer files stored on your device while you are browsing which generally contain a number that makes it possible to identify your device.

As a general rule, there are the following types of cookies.

  • Depending on when they expire:
    • Session: These cookies expire when the session ends.
    • Persistent: These cookies do not expire when the session ends.
  • Depending on where they come from:
    • Proprietary: These cookies are enabled by the website you are browsing.
    • Third-party: These cookies come from other websites.

PHOTOSLURP, S.L. can use cookies on its website for the following purposes:

Except in the case of analytics cookies, the use of cookies affects your privacy because, generally speaking, it makes it possible to relate their content with the IP address and other personal data of yours, such as information you have voluntarily supplied.

By accepting this Privacy and Cookies Policy, you consent to the generation of cookies for the abovementioned purposes.

Despite the above, if you later wish to delete the cookies stored in your computer and which necessarily require your consent, you may do so using the tools your browser provides for this purpose.

If you do not accept the use of these cookies or subsequently refuse them, website functionalities may be negatively impacted.



1.      Analytics cookies

These are used to collect user activity statistics. Among other matters, they analyse the number of users visiting the site, the number of pages visited and user activity on the website and frequency of use.

The information collected is always anonymous, so no link can be established between it and the individual to which it refers.

2.      Authentication cookies

These are used by the website for user session maintenance during each visit and dominate in private website environments requiring a username and password to access.

3.      Cookies used by social networks

These let you share content of interest with your social network contacts using the relevant plug-in inserted in the website. Plug-ins store and access your terminal’s cookies and enable the social network to identify users when they interact with the plug-ins.

4.      Cookies used by add-ons external to content

These cookies are stored by third parties and are needed to provide a service of some kind.

This category includes, for example, multimedia player cookies used to store technical data in order to play or audio content, such as image quality, upload parameters, etc.

5.      Third-party cookies for personalising advertising spaces

These are stored by third parties and make it possible to manage the advertising space that users see when they log into the website.

6.      Cookies that improve performance

These are cookies which, processed by ourselves or third parties, make it possible to store your preferences for certain tools or services so you don’t have to reset them every time you visit our site and which, in some cases, can be provided by third parties.

7.      Geolocation cookies

These are cookies which, processed by ourselves or third parties, try to locate your computer terminal geographically to offer you, in a completely anonymous fashion, more appropriate content and services.

8. Photoslurp specific cookies and tracking technologies

Photoslurp uses cookies (named ps_analytics) to analyze End User interactions with our Services such as clicks and purchases on the digital properties of those Customers who have chosen to implement them. End Users can control the use of cookies at the individual browser level. If you reject cookies, you may still use the Services, but your ability to use some features or areas of our Services may be limited.

You can allow, block or delete the cookies installed in your computer by changing your browser settings.


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