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Social Media

Automatically collect UGC featuring your products from social media through branded hashtags, tags, and mentions.

Direct Upload

Enable your users to directly upload content featuring your products into your site to not miss a single piece of content.

Black & White Listing

Ensure that you’re only collecting the best content by blocking spam and irrelevant content from your automatic collection.

Curate Content

Organize and approve the content that best fits your brand image through our user-friendly management dashboard.

Media Rights

Automatically request media rights via our platform to confirm with your customers that you can use their content.

Product Linking

Link UGC with the products that appear within these images and videos to direct shoppers to product pages.

Image Recognition Tech

Our IR technology enables you to automatically detect products from your catalogue in the UGC collected.


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eCommerce Widgets

Publish your UGC into galleries and carousels within your eCommerce, i.e. home and product pages, lookbook, etc.

Widget Editor

Customize your widgets to match the look and feel of your store without having to make a call to your technical team.

Publish Everywhere

Incorporate your UGC everywhere you reach your audience through our different types of widgets.

UGC Social Ads

After requesting media rights, directly send your top performing UGC to your social ad platforms to convert more.


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Advanced Analytics

Get all of the UGC data that you need, including the most comprehensive time frame analytics available.

All Types of Conversions

Measure conversions per album or widget to truly learn how well each placement and piece of content is performing.

Top Performing Content

Discover which pieces of content make the most conversions, then use them in other marketing channels to convert more.

Top Evangelists

Learn which users create content that resonates with your audience, then work with them further to keep providing engaging UGC.


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Easy Integration

Easily integrate UGC into your eCommerce with our plug and play modules.

24hr Product Catalogue

Ensure that your new products will appear within our platform without adding them manually.

Stock Synchronization

Synchronize your product inventory with our platform to automatically hide content connected to out-of-stock products.

Multi-Country Support

Support multiple currencies, domains, languages, and product catalogues all through one platform.

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