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Your products have been featured by customers in the content that they’ve posted on social media. Collect this content and use it to extend your brand’s social engagement into your eCommerce store. Then, say hello to ROI.

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Inspire shoppers with visuals of how customers use your products in the wild.

With a wide range of products on offer, one of the main challenges for brands in this industry is proving the value of products by demonstrating their use. Show shoppers how real customers are doing just that by collecting images and videos from social media and displaying them in your eCommerce, thus inspiring customers with real-life examples of how to use your products.


Create a more compelling shopping journey across your eCommerce by inspiring customers with social proof.

People love shopping social content because it helps them see what’s on the market and how well each product works. When you include this content on your product pages, you’re providing the social proof that shoppers crave when shopping online. Now, when they browse a product on your eCommerce, they can see visuals of real people recommending that exact product.

Improve your eCommerce performance like Consumer Electronics brand Newskill Gaming.

Newskill Gaming is a Spanish gaming brand that fulfills the gaming needs of their wide base of online customers, including gaming chairs, keyboards, headsets, and other accessories. They chose to integrate Photoslurp into their eCommerce store to extend this brand identity further while inspiring more customers to join their community of gamers.

“Our online marketing strategy is focused on building a strong community. I thought that User Generated Content would add a lot of value and make it easier for the client to fulfill the buying process by seeing how the products look in real life. People appreciate the User Generated Content, and we are watching our customers evolve with this tool. I think we made a good call with this one!”

Gema Aliaga – Social Media & PR Manager at Newskill Gaming Read case study

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