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Your beauty products have been featured by customers in the content that they’ve posted on social media. Collect this content and use it to extend your brand’s social engagement into your eCommerce. Then, say hello to ROI.

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Use your customers to show how well your products work.

One of the biggest challenges for online beauty brands is that eCommerce customers can’t sample beauty products before purchasing. But there is a way to give them an idea of how well products work without coming into the store. User Generated images and videos create a more authentic sales pitch for the quality of your products, all through the eyes of the user.

We have a huge challenge, which is that people can’t touch or feel our product. We have to overcome this in some way, and Photoslurp is the way that we’re working to overcome this.

Sara Varo, Marketing Manager with Maquillalia Read case study


Create a more compelling shopping journey across your eCommerce by inspiring customers with social proof.

People love shopping social content because it helps them see what’s trendy and how other people use your products to create their everyday looks. When you include this content on your product pages, you’re providing the social proof and style inspiration that shoppers crave when buying products online. Showing visuals of other people using your cosmetics helps them to see the endless possibilities that your brand creates.

Increase your conversion rate like cosmetics brand Maquillalia

Spanish make-up brand, Maquillalia, saw an 11.2% increase in conversion rate when they integrated authentic customer content into their eCommerce. Not only that, but they’ve seen a 15.68% average order value increase, demonstrating how they inspire their eCommerce customers with an irresistible online shopping journey.

“Really, the marketing channels of before – tv ads, radio, etc. – have really lost some of their credibility in that people aren’t sure what’s real anymore. Today, people look for real opinions from real people, who identify with a specific way of life and follow it. So when customers create content, others believe it. They take it as a reference. We believe that this is really important, and it’s what we base practically our entire strategy on.”

Sara Varo, Marketing Manager with Maquillalia Read case study

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