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Your shoes have been featured by customers in the content that they’ve posted on social media. Collect this content and use it to extend your brand’s social engagement into your eCommerce. Then, say hello to ROI.

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Give online customers a better idea of how shoes will look in the context of an outfit

One of the biggest pain points for buying shoes online is not understanding how the product will look with the rest of an outfit. With the help of customer content, you can give shoppers a better idea of how shoes look in real life situations, while also providing visual reviews on the quality and style of your products.

“Photoslurp offers our customers a visual showcase for exploring our products and finding inspiration. The integration of UGC into our eCommerce allows shoppers to visualize real life examples of our products that they too have purchased or plan on purchasing, while endowing them with a greater value. It also gives customers access to the products in a simple and intuitive way.”

Marta Albors, International Press and PR with Unisa Read case study


Creating a more compelling shopping journey across your eCommerce by inspiring customers with social proof.

People love shopping social content because it helps them see what’s trendy and how other people are styling your products. When you include this content on your product pages, like shoe brand Ulanka, you’re providing the social proof that shoppers crave when buying products online. Now, when they browse a pair of shoes on your eCommerce, they can see visuals of real people wearing the exact same pair.

Increase your conversion rate like shoe brand Muroexe

International shoe brand, Muroexe, saw a 125% conversion rate increase when they integrated authentic customer content into their eCommerce website. While we see a 15% increase on average, this case study shows that there’s a huge potential for shoe brands to achieve higher sales with UGC.

This is an easy and intuitive tool with a great potential for increasing conversions and engagement with your eCommerce store. Photoslurp helps create more trust in the brand, and we believe it plays a large role in inspiring shoppers to make a purchase.

David Morán, Head of Digital & Ecommerce at Muroexe Read case study

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Our Key Content for the Shoe Industry

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How online footwear brands employ User Generated Content to boost eCommerce performance.

Muroexe Case Study

This premium shoe and backpack brand saw a 125% increase of conversion with authentic User Generated Content as compared to professional content.

Unisa Case Study

This premium shoes brand saw a 16.03% increase of conversion rate thanks to User Generated Content integration with Photoslurp.

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