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Photoslurp & Furniture Brands.

Your furniture and home decor products have been featured by customers in the content that they’ve posted on social media. Collect this content and use it to extend your brand’s social engagement into your eCommerce. Then, say hello to ROI.

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Help online customers visualize product sizes and styles

One of the biggest pain points of buying furniture online is the inability to envision how much space the product requires and how it will really look within a home. With the help of customer content, you can better meet customer expectations by helping shoppers visualize how the products will look in real life, while also providing visual reviews on the quality and style of your products.

“I think with the products we sell, it’s fairly common that people don’t really know what to expect in terms of size. For example: with a coffee cup, we have small, medium, large and extra large, and it’s difficult to take a photo that conveys the exact size. So we display a Photoslurp image below the product image, showing a person holding the coffee cup. It really helps to show our products in perspective because it’s more clear to the customer what to expect when they order something.”

Leonie Sta van Uiter, Online Development Coordinator at Riviera Maison Read case study


Give your customers style inspiration from real homes.

While your brand’s personal styling ideas are useful, it can’t beat the enthusiasm that comes with a happy customer styling their own home with your products. Because nothing is more inspiring for future customers than seeing how well your products really fit into a home.

“We’re stunned how many people see these customer photos and click on them – it’s amazing. We didn’t believe our numbers at first, so we used Hotjar to record some sessions of our customers going through the pages on our site, as we wanted to see if really 18% of our customers looked at these photos before purchase. It turned out to be true.”

Damian Miziolek, eCommerce Director at VOX Read case study

Increase your conversion rate like furniture brand Jennifer Taylor Home

Home furnishings brand, Jennifer Taylor Home, saw a 49.7% increase of conversion rate thanks to authentic customer content. While we see a 15% increase on average, this goes to show the potential for converting customers with UGC.

“Personally, I believe Photoslurp instills buyer confidence just by showcasing what other consumers have purchased. I would even consider UGC as a review feature because a lot of the content is tagged with actual commentary. I think it’s very beneficial.”

Vu Tong, eCommerce Account Manager at JTH Read case study

Jennifer Taylor Home Mobile Widget

Our Key Content for the Furniture Industry

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Vox Narrative Case Study

How Poland’s leading furniture brand prompted customers to create over 4,000 images & videos for the brand to bring their online store an 18.76% conversion rate increase.

Rivièra Maison Case Study

This premium furniture brand collected 50,000 User Generated images through the Photoslurp platform and saw a 15.59% interaction rate with the customer content integrated into the Riviera Maison website.

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