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Your luxury designs have been featured by customers in the content that they’ve posted on social media. Collect this content and use it to extend your brand’s social engagement into your eCommerce. Then, say hello to ROI.

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Inspire shoppers with visual social proof that presents fresh ways to style your products.

People love shopping social content because it lets them see what’s trendy and how other people are styling your products. Leverage the power of social proof by consistently providing your audience with the style inspiration that they crave. With how much time they spend on social media, your UGC strategy will get them spending more time on your site instead.

“User Generated Content is a perfect way to enrich product content and photography, as well as the on-site experience with lifestyle content side-by-side with marketing campaigns and product content.” 

Karin Botta, Head of at KARL LAGERFELD
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Create a more compelling and authentic shopping journey across your eCommerce.

While product shots help display close-ups of jewellery and luxury goods, they can’t capture the authenticity of a UGC experience. When you include this content on your product pages, like watch and jewellery brand My Jewellery, you provide the personal connection that shoppers seek when buying products online. Now, when they browse a design on your eCommerce, they can see visuals of real people wearing and enjoying that exact product.

Increase your conversion rate like watch brand CLUSE.

International watch and jewellery brand, CLUSE, saw a 19% increase of conversion rate when they integrated authentic customer content into their eCommerce. Having collected over 19,000 User Generated images and videos through the Photoslurp platform, they inspire their eCommerce customers with an irresistible online shopping journey.

“For us as a brand, UGC is vital because of its authenticity. Photoslurp enables us to use it in the best possible way: we pay tribute to our customers by giving them a central place on our brand site, while at the same time these pictures increase the onsite conversion rate. For us, the use and advantages of Photoslurp have become a no-brainer.”

Rudyar Bekker, CEO of CLUSE
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CLUSE Case Study

CLUSE increased their conversion rate a whopping 19% after integrating customer photos and videos into their online store.

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