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Influencer Marketing Course for Brands

( 5 minutes )

Word of mouth is still king! When it comes to affecting people’s decision making, all the evidence suggests that we still trust our nearest and dearest above any other source. However, nowadays there are people who have built themselves a reputation online, slowly earning the trust of other users, facilitating the growth of whole communities akin […]

How To Plan An Influencer Marketing Strategy

( 17 minutes )

This is the last installment of the Guide to Influencer Marketing where we’re going to tell you step by step how to develop your influencer marketing strategy. Having selected and contacted a suitable influencer, the next step is to design and agree on the campaign. As this process is so central to the collaboration, it […]

How To Find Influencers Suitable For Your Brand

( 20 minutes )

While the first part of the Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing sought to explain the meaning of the term, this second part will help you to find suitable influencers for your brand and establish contact with them. Welcome to Part 2 of the Guide to Influencer Marketing: How to find influencers suitable for your brand. We’ve spoken […]

What Is Influencer Marketing? [SLIDESHARE]

( 12 minutes )

More and more, we see collaborative publications. The photos, videos and posts of “ordinary” people now often feature well-known brands. And vice versa. Well, watch out because these are no ordinary people and their publications are the new way which brands have found to make contact with their public in a seemingly natural way. Who […]