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Instagram Influencer Marketing Insights, Theories & Levels | Photoslurp

( 19 minutes )

Looking to get into influencer marketing soon? Good. You should. But before you go out looking for the most followed influencers out there, read along and find out what’s best for your brand. Online Social Networks As humans we are innately social creatures. For the most part, we actively enjoy being surrounded by other people […]

Influencer Marketing Course for Brands

( 5 minutes )

Word of mouth is still king! When it comes to affecting people’s decision making, all the evidence suggests that we still trust our nearest and dearest above any other source. However, nowadays there are people who have built themselves a reputation online, slowly earning the trust of other users, facilitating the growth of whole communities akin […]

Influencer Marketing Strategy: Plan, Proposal Template and Goal Measure | Photoslurp

( 18 minutes )

Having selected and contacted a suitable influencer, the next step is to design and agree on the campaign. As this process is central to the collaboration, certain difficulties can arise. Your objective as a brand is to get your message across as clearly as possible throughout your Influencer marketing strategy – and we’re going to […]

How to Find the Perfect Social Media Influencer For Your Brand or Product | Photoslurp

( 22 minutes )

Everybody loves influencers! But that doesn’t mean every influencer is going to help your brand make sales. If you don’t know how to find influencers that your audience wants to see sell your products, you’ve come to the right place. In an influencer study by Launchmetrics, 30% of professionals claimed that influencer identification was their […]

What Is Influencer Marketing? [SLIDESHARE]

( 12 minutes )

More and more, we see collaborative publications. The photos, videos and posts of “ordinary” people now often feature well-known brands. And vice versa. Well, watch out because these are no ordinary people and their publications are the new way which brands have found to make contact with their public in a seemingly natural way. Who […]