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The Ultimate Guide to Running an Irresistible Instagram Giveaway

( 27 minutes )

If you’re searching for a scalable strategy for more followers, sales and long-term brand engagement, look no further than an Instagram giveaway. People can’t resist the power of “free,” can they? It’s one of the oldest tricks in the marketing playbook. Even so, the numbers don’t lie in regard to just how much Instagram users […]

Discovering the Power of the Instagram Hashtag

( 10 minutes )

Did you know that Instagram users don’t see 70% of the media on their feed? Meaning that unless users specifically look up your Instagram hashtag, there’s a good chance they’re not seeing what you post. And meanwhile, everyone else is working their hardest to be a part of the other 30%. “Instagram users don’t see 70% of […]

Instagram Analysis: Expectations of Engagement Rates Are Too High

( 12 minutes )

In 2017 people became obsessed with Instagram analysis and the level of engagement that you could achieve through the app. All we could hear were constant comparisons between Facebook and the young pretender, Instagram (owned by Facebook) where everyone loves to engage, and where everyone takes notice of what you do…apparently. Marketers were clamouring to make […]

PPC For eCommerce On Instagram – The Complete Guide

( 25 minutes )

Instagram is fundamentally changing the way we make decisions to spend money. It affects the way we interact with brands and choose to trust them. It’s a no-brainer place to be for an eCommerce brand using it to build organic presence and a connected community. That also includes PPC. And we don’t say that lightly. Instagram […]

Using Instagram For Business: Best Practices for Ecommerce

( 18 minutes )

Let’s make something clear: This is not another generic advice post for marketing your products on Instagram. No, this is something much more powerful. This is a guide to using Instagram for business by maximizing the platform Instagram created specifically for that purpose: Their analytics and ads platform. In this guide, you’ll learn the advantages of […]

Customer Photos: 14 Brands Winning Instagram With User-generated Content

( 17 minutes )

Could the key to getting your clout up via social be as simple as showing off customer photos? Based on the content strategies of some of social’s biggest players, the answer appears to be a resounding “Yes.” It’s crystal clear that user-generated content absolutely dominates social platforms such as Instagram. From real-life models to spectacular settings […]

Apple is Now on Instagram: Here’s What You Need to Know About Their UGC Strategy

( 14 minutes )

People have speculated non-stop about the absence of Apple on Instagram – but as of this week, the technology conglomerate finally created an account. As of now, its feed comprises solely of User Generated Content (UGC); these are pictures and videos taken by the Apple community. Not a single professionally taken photograph made the cut. […]

Instagram Changes – A Timeline for Ecommerce and Marketing Managers

( 30 minutes )

With Instagram being one of the top five most used apps of all time, it’s no surprise that the creators are updating it often. The best part for you? Almost all of the Instagram changes are directed at businesses looking to get the most out of the platform. With all these updates, however, it can be […]

Using Instagram for Marketing – How to Convert Followers Into Customers

( 20 minutes )

“But like, how many followers do you have?” – And, are you using Instagram for marketing to convert them into paying customers? In the marketing world, there’s often a heavy emphasis on metrics such as social followers. The bigger the better, right? However, what does the size of a business’ Instagram following really mean for a brand and its […]