Integrate Photoslurp.

Easily integrate our technology into your eCommerce store to consistently provide a compelling shopping journey to online customers.

Integrations without calling your tech team.

With our plug and play modules, your brand can start integrating UGC into your eCommerce as soon as you’d like. Our modules for PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce, and any other eCommerce platform ensure a smooth integration, and our Widget Editor will allow you to easily make changes to your galleries and carousels without making any calls to tech.


24-hour product feed sync.

With Photoslurp, you can be sure that your new products will appear within our platform without adding them manually. The standard sync between your product feed and our platform is done every 24 hours. Our product feed synchronization is continuously refreshing to ensure that you can always link UGC back to your products.

Ensure a successful path to purchase by only showing products that are in stock.

Our inventory synchronization automatically hides the images that are connected to out-of-stock products, ensuring that your customer content is only linked to products that can be purchased in that moment. This is a crucial feature for consistently providing a compelling online shopping journey while preventing frustrating moments for shoppers.


A product that provides extensive support for international integrations.

Our product feeds are built to support multiple currencies, domains, languages, and product catalogues so that you can easily sell across an international base of clients. This is another important feature for maintaining a reliable online shopping journey.

Nico Dierickx

Online Marketer

Our tech team was really happy with the Photoslurp integration. They thought it would be a lot of effort and were happy when it turned out to be really easy.

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