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Bridging The Gap Between Customer Photos And Your Brand's Story

How It All Works

Your customers are endorsing your products on social media every day. Let their photos tell your brand’s story

Social Selling User Generated Content

Clicked and Tagged

Close to 2 billion photos a day are now posted on social media, with many of these being brand attributed and tagged with brand’s hashtags. Customer’s are starting conversations over your brand’s products using the photos they have created. Integrate these photos into your marketing as social proof to drive up conversions and engagement

Social Selling and Social Commerce

Collect, Curate, Interact

Use our platform to collect photos of your customers using your products from across social media networks. Our curation tools allow you to pick and choose those photos that best match your brand identity, then thank your fans for their photos at the click of a button or request media rights from them to use their photos offline.

Social Commerce

Make Photos Shoppable

Easily link incoming photos with your product catalog to make them shoppable. We sync daily with your E-commerce platform to ensure we’ve always got your latest products and prices to keep ‘Shop This Look’ working flawlessly. Connect products to photos automatically using product specific hashtags or manually with a single click during the curation process.

Social Commerce UGC

Publish Anywhere

Once the photos that best represent your brand have been chosen, publish them with a single click to your website, social media properties, mobile, live display or even to offline advertising campaigns

“92% of Consumers Trust User Generated Content (UGC) Over Traditional Advertising”

– Nielsen –


Social Commerce Platform

E-Commerce Suite

Our set of E-commerce specific tools allows you to make photos shoppable. To do this we regularly sync with your E-commerce platform to retrieve information about your latest products and then associate them with collected customer photos. Our customizable frontend widgets allow you to place selected photos on product pages or lookbooks, from where your visitors can ‘Shop This Look‘ or share images they like back to social media. All the tools you would need to integrate customer photos into your E-commerce shopping experience

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Engagement Tools

Your customers are having conversations about you and your products on social media, engage with them. Using our messaging tools you can interact with your fans and evangelists at the click of a button on the social media service they use. Post a comment on their photo about your product, or send them a media rights request to use their media in offline campaigns, all at the click of a button.

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Social Selling Message
Social Selling Platform


Using our analytics tools you can keep track of your key performance indicators, measure everything from photo interactions to increase in conversion rates and ROI. Identify the highest performing photos in monetary terms, and the brand evangelists that were responsible for them.

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