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7 Shopify site design strategies for integrating visual content that successfully convert

( 18 minutes )

By Ross Beyeler, Partner and COO of Trellis Visual content has the incredible potential to drive up your eCommerce conversions. And we’re not just talking about product photography (although that’s definitely important). Other visual content like video, product demos, User Generated Content, and illustrations can be incorporated to improve the user experience, build a stronger […]

PPC For eCommerce On Instagram – The Complete Guide

( 25 minutes )

Instagram is fundamentally changing the way we make decisions to spend money. It affects the way we interact with brands and choose to trust them. It’s a no-brainer place to be for an eCommerce brand using it to build organic presence and a connected community. That also includes PPC. And we don’t say that lightly. Instagram […]

4 Ready-to-use On-site Hacks for Upselling

( 17 minutes )

Getting more customers is still the #1 goal for every website owner. But let’s be honest, it’s not easy.  Luckily, acquiring more customers is not the only way to increase your sales. You can also improve your revenue by increasing the cart value of your existing customers. How? Upselling. You can convince your customers to buy […]

7 foolproof ways to boost your eCommerce email marketing list

( 19 minutes )

With the vast amount of online marketing tools available to the modern day marketer, it can be quite the jungle to navigate through in the search for ways to build and grow your eCommerce email marketing list. Your email marketing list can be your most valuable marketing tool, as email marketing has the highest return […]

9 Charming Ways to Generate Word of Mouth [INFOGRAPHIC]

( 5 minutes )

Do you want more happy customers in your online store? The kind of customers that will also tell their friends about you? Then the best tactic to generate word of mouth is to wow your current customers every time they visit your online store. Data also strengthens this logic: 83% of customers love to spread the […]

4 Dimensions of Customer Loyalty That Maximize Customer Retention

( 15 minutes )

Do you want your customers to return? Do you want to increase your customer retention ? Are you disappointed when you don’t see them again? Well, you are not alone, especially if you sell to millennials. According to this research from Maritz Motivation Solutions, millennials tend to drop out of loyal customer groups in the […]