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Does Following Nobody Hurt A Brand’s Instagram Engagement Rate?

( 14 minutes )

You know the accounts I’m talking about. Brands that gather up millions of followers, expect a high Instagram engagement rate, but keep their following count to a tight … zero.  I use Instagram mostly as a way to socialize with friends who live far away. It makes me feel a part of their lives when, […]

Photoslurp Analysis: Jewelry Brands on Instagram [INFOGRAPHIC]

( 6 minutes )

You wake up one day and your Instagram feed is full with red hearts and chocolates. It’s Valentine’s morning: the perfect opportunity for Jewelry brands on Instagram to shine. Among all these pictures, every now and then, a little golden shiny sparkle appears reminding you that it is not all about heart shaped balloons and breakfast […]

Photoslurp Analysis: Mobile World Congress Hashtags [INFOGRAPHIC]

( 8 minutes )

The Mobile World Congress 2016 (MWC2016), which took place February 22-25, stayed true to its name with an average of 20,000 images being shared on Twitter and Instagram per day using the Mobile World Congress hashtags. The GSM Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest exhibition for cutting-edge products and mobile technology, as well as […]

Photoslurp Analysis: Superbowl 50 in Hashtags

( 3 minutes )

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos were the winners of Superbowl 50 on the field, but who won the battle of hashtags on Instagram? Here at Photoslurp, we monitored Instagram over the Superbowl weekend to answer that question. We analyzed the Superbowl 50 in hashtags. We monitored the photos and videos posted with the hashtags […]

Photoslurp Analysis: Top Spanish Fashion Brands on Instagram

( 8 minutes )

The holiday season has arrived, and along with it new fashion collections.  People are eager to share their new purchases with the world on social media by tagging their favorite fashion brands on Instagram. This holiday season at Photoslurp, we decided to monitor and analyze the activity of 32 of the biggest Spanish fashion brands […]