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Best Social Media Advertising Tools, Apps Ads Manager Make Your Life Easier | Photoslurp

( 15 minutes )

What is social media advertising? Social media advertising is a way of providing digital advertising to a brand’s target audience via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Social media advertising is MASSIVE for online retailers and is only going to grow. The number of social media users is expected to be over 3 […]

How to Integrate Social Media Into Your Website to Increase Your eCommerce Sales

( 18 minutes )

When it comes to selling ecommerce products via social media, it should be a matter of when, not if. If you aren’t already boasting social sales, perhaps it’s time to rethink your current strategy. Sure, there’s a lot of hype associated with the selling power of social media: however, it’s not 2010 anymore. It’s become […]

How To Use Live Video In Your Marketing Strategy

( 17 minutes )

Explosions, intense debates, car chases, and comedy – what do they all have in common? They’re way more interesting when they’re live. Live video has always intrigued people, and it’s quickly popping up as a major strategy in marketing plans everywhere because of how easy it’s becoming to create and promote. Live video for business […]