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Social Media aggregators: How to turn your eCommerce into a social shopping center

( 10 minutes )

A social media aggregator will help your brand pool the positive conversations being had about your brand into one place – so that you can use them to increase your online revenue.  Working in eCommerce, you’ve most likely seen the success that comes from creating an imaginative online shopping center for your products. One that […]

The Digital World of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

( 15 minutes )

We’re all familiar with the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Ads can’t compete with the shopping inspiration that comes from a peer recommendation. When someone you know and trust tells you about a great new product that they’ve discovered, you’re more likely to take action and try it for yourself. This is something that we, as […]

Everything you need to know about Earned Media

( 14 minutes )

What is Earned Media? Definition: Earned Media is content that a brand acquires from a third party, rather than creates themselves. While someone else always creates this content on the brand’s behalf in order for it to be considered earned, there are still many ways for this content to be leveraged by the brand themselves. Before […]

Social Commerce Case Studies: 16 Awesome Examples of Social Selling | Photoslurp

( 18 minutes )

What is social commerce? Social commerce is defined as a way to incorporate social media into the eCommerce shopping during to give shoppers real customer recommendations, visual created by real users, and social proof when making purchase decisions. The recent explosion of social commerce is a stark reminder that shopping has always been a social […]

Facebook Ad Examples: 14 Amazing Examples Of Brands Killing It

( 17 minutes )

Facebook Ads have the power to transform your eCommerce business into a powerhouse, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars each month, if done correctly. That’s why we have compiled 14 Facebook ad examples that demonstrate how to do it right. By accessing Facebook’s user base of more than 1.66 billion daily active users you can use […]

Social Shopping Trends: How the Experience Influence Purchase Decisions | Photoslurp

( 18 minutes )

Shopping is, was and always will be a social experience. No wonder so many new social shopping trends have invaded the ecommerce universe in recent years. Think about it. From the past decades dominated by shopping malls and department stores to the modern era of eCommerce, the social aspect of shopping is here to stay. […]

How Fashion Brands Are Retaining Consumers Through Social Proof

( 19 minutes )

Building a loyal, hungry base of customers is the ultimate goal of any business; however, in the world of fashion, customer retention is a massive area of concern for industry mainstays and budding brands alike. That’s why they’re paying special attention to social proof. While the revenues of eCommerce fashion industry are expected to rise […]

Social Shopping: What It is and Why Your eCommerce Brand Should Get on Board

( 16 minutes )

Social shopping: Social media meets eCommerce. In a world where 90% Instagram users follow business profiles and 93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchase decision, brands can’t afford to ignore this merge. In this post, we’ll dive into the idea of social shopping: What it is, why you should care, and […]

Monetize Instagram – Drive eCommerce Sales Using Instagram

( 19 minutes )

As an eCommerce business owner, you don’t have to do much searching online to see why a strong Instagram presence is essential to growing your brand. Studies have shown that about 93% of buying decisions are made based on visual appearance and 52% of customers will not return to a store due to bad overall […]