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User Generated Content Platform.

Collect, curate and make the content your customers create around your brand shoppable with our leading UGC platform.

Our User Generated Content carousels add social proof at the point of purchase. Show your visitors how well received your product is and see conversion rates increase by up to 15%

Shoppable UGC.

Use our User Generated Content platform to curate all collected UGC and make all of it shoppable in seconds. Let our image recognition algorithms make the link for you by helping identify products from your catalog in your customers’ photos. 

“Photoslurp is really easy to use, it only takes a few clicks. We used to have our own UGC tool, but that was hard to administrate. Getting this tool to make it simple for us has been invaluable.”

Pelle Bergkvist, Art Director with Coolstuff Read case study

Automate media rights collection.

Using our easy to use media rights framework, easily request media rights from content authors in a matter of seconds. Request media rights directly through our platform to ensure that your customers are as happy with the brand using their content as you are. Use approval hashtags or our dedicated media rights pages and keep your legal team happy with our system of record.

Extensive analytics.

Use our extensive analytics suite to understand the impact of your UGC strategy. Measure the exact revenue driven by Photoslurp, surface top performing content and discover your biggest evangelists on social media.  From conversion & interaction rates to actual revenue driven by each piece of content, you’ll have a clear understanding of what your customers like to see. Then, use this intel to improve your social ads by displaying the best content. All of this can be done with the click of a button directly through our platform.

Antonin van Niel

Global Digital Manager

With Photoslurp we found exactly the platform we were looking for to increase conversion using social proof: an easy to use, flexible, data-driven platform that enables us optimize our digital and social strategy effectively.

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