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12 Inspiring Examples of eCommerce User Generated Content Galleries

( 17 minutes )

Sometimes we need a little inspiration, and this is no different when it comes to User Generated Content (UGC). Which is why we wanted to compile a list of inspiring eCommerce UGC Galleries to get your gears grinding. After all, User Generated Content is one of the most lucrative ways to increase conversions on your store. So […]

Discovering the Power of the Instagram Hashtag

( 10 minutes )

Did you know that Instagram users don’t see 70% of the media on their feed? Meaning that unless users specifically look up your Instagram hashtag, there’s a good chance they’re not seeing what you post. And meanwhile, everyone else is working their hardest to be a part of the other 30%. “Instagram users don’t see 70% of […]

Email Marketing Strategy: How To Improve With User Generated Content

( 17 minutes )

Ever get the sneaking suspicion that you could be squeezing more out of your email marketing strategy? You’re not alone. Look: we love social media around here, but there’s no denying the sheer power of email. Arguably the last remaining relic of old-school Internet marketing, email has been the go-to solution for brands looking to […]

UGC: 6 Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

( 18 minutes )

Are you ready for the user generated content (UGC) takeover? Because it’s here in a big way. All it takes is about five seconds on Instagram or Facebook to see firsthand how integral UGC has become to modern marketing. Sooner rather than later, brands will sink or swim based on their ability to leverage UGC. Seriously. It’s […]

Customer Photos: 14 Brands Winning Instagram With User-generated Content

( 17 minutes )

Could the key to getting your clout up via social be as simple as showing off customer photos? Based on the content strategies of some of social’s biggest players, the answer appears to be a resounding “Yes.” It’s crystal clear that user-generated content absolutely dominates social platforms such as Instagram. From real-life models to spectacular settings […]

If You’re a Social Media Manager, UGC Should Be Your Top Priority

( 17 minutes )

It’s high time that the marketing world rethinks what an effective social media manager actually does. Hint: it’s not chasing “likes” or showing off their follower counts. Let’s face it: so many brands today totally miss the mark when it comes to their social content. Maybe their posts come off as too “salesy.” Perhaps they’re pushing […]

Apple is Now on Instagram: Here’s What You Need to Know About Their UGC Strategy

( 15 minutes )

People have speculated non-stop about the absence of Apple on Instagram – but as of this week, the technology conglomerate finally created an account. As of now, its feed comprises solely of User Generated Content (UGC); these are pictures and videos taken by the Apple community. Not a single professionally taken photograph made the cut. […]

Reduce eCommerce Returns With Visual UGC (User Generated Content)

( 16 minutes )

Did you know that $62.4 billion worth of apparel and footwear alone were returned in 2016 due to incorrect fit? Ecommerce returns suck, but, unfortunately, returns are a major part of running an eCommerce business. But, there is a way to reduce return rates – and you don’t even have to do much of the work! […]

How Fashion Brands Are Retaining Consumers Through Social Proof

( 18 minutes )

Building a loyal, hungry base of customers is the ultimate goal of any business; however, in the world of fashion, customer retention is a massive area of concern for industry mainstays and budding brands alike. That’s why they’re paying special attention to social proof. While the fashion industry represented well over $63 billion in ecommerce […]