Visual Commerce Platform.

Integrate customer photos and videos into your eCommerce store and provide your visitors with the social proof they crave to drive conversion and engagement.


Our User Generated Content carousels add social proof at the point of purchase. Show your visitors how well received your product is and see conversion rates increase by up to 15%


Shoppable customer photos and videos.

Make all of your collected User Generated Content shoppable in seconds. Let our image recognition algorithms make the link for you by helping identify products from your catalog in your customers’ photos. No more manually searching for products within your content – we’ll do it instantly.


Embed anywhere.

Embed our widgets into any part of your shopping journey: product and category pages, social galleries, home page, microsites, in-store displays. Customize their look and feel using our themes or choose to design them yourself. Pick from our intelligent behavioural options including advanced filtering to deal with out of stock products, multi-currency/country configurations, and much more.

Moderate your content.

Use our extensive moderation dashboard to choose the content that fits your brand’s image. Use filters, tags and blacklists to ensure only the best make it to your website and marketing channels.

Rudyard Bekker


For us as a brand, UGC is vital because of its authenticity. Photoslurp enables us to use it in the best possible way: we pay tribute to our customers by giving them a central place on our brand site, while at the same time these pictures increase the onsite conversion rate. For us, the use and advantages of Photoslurp have become a no-brainer

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