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Visual Commerce

Integrate customer photos into your e-commerce experience


Your customers are endorsing your products on social media every day. Let their photos tell your brand’s story

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At a party

1.8 billion photos are uploaded onto social media daily, with many of these  being brand attributed.

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Clicked & Tagged

Conversations spark around photos on social media that feature customers using a brand’s products. Many of these photos are hashtagged with the brands name

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Photoslurp provides you with the tools to link these photos with your product catalog, making each one of them shoppable at the click of a button



Increase Conversions

Using customer photos as social proof increases conversions by 30%


Engagement Increase

Increase engagement on your website as well as your social media properties using customer photos


Brand Awareness

Increase brand awareness on social media by interacting with your fans through our platform


Social Selling

Your customers are having conversations about you through their media on social networks, now you can respond

Visual Commerce With Photoslurp

User Generated Content

Lookbook Brand Page

Pinterest style mosaic layout for your Lookbook or Community Pages

User Generated Content

Product Carousels

Product page carousels showing only photos related to the specific product

User Generated Content

Shop This Look

Allow customers to ‘Shop This Look’ by tagging incoming photos with your products

Social Commerce Product Page

Increase Conversions

Using customer photos on your E-commerce product pages as social proof has been shown to increase conversions by more than 30%. Working with a number of established and startup brands, Photoslurp has seen these numbers with our own clients almost instantly after integrating our widgets into customer product pages. Besides being a more reliable depiction of the actual product in the consumer’s eyes, the photos themselves serve as an endorsement from satisfied previous customers

Increase Engagement

Customer photos on websites increases your visitor’s engagement rates by more than 20%. Photoslurp’s engagement tools allow you to join the conversation your customers are having on social media by commenting on their photos and letting them know their photos have been chosen to be placed on your website, or to request them for media rights to use their photos in other ways, all with the click of a button.

Social Selling Message

Universal Integration

Simple embed codes to implement our widgets on any platform

Sync Directly With Your Ecom Platform

Daily synced product catalog for ‘Shop This Look’

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